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  1. SRZG2868
    Sunricher ZIGBEE 3 in 1 (Single Colour, CCT & RGB) Remote Control Handset
  2. SRZG2819SDIM
    Sunricher ZIGBEE Single Colour Remote Control Handset
  3. SRZG2819SCCT
    Sunricher ZIGBEE Dual Colour (CCT) Remote Control Handset
  4. SR2819SP
    Sunricher RF RGBW 4 Zone Handset Controller
  5. SR2833TS
    Sunricher RF Single Colour Touch Control Handset
  6. SR2833TSCCT
    Sunricher RF Dual Colour (CCT) Touch Control Handset
  7. SR2811RF
    Sunricher RF RGBW Handset for use with SR2811 DMX & RF Wall Panels
  8. SR2836D
    Sunricher RF Desktop Single Colour Rotary Controller
  9. SR2836DCCT
    Sunricher RF Desktop Dual Colour (CCT) Rotary Controller
  10. SR2836DRGB
    Sunricher RF Desktop Tri-Colour (RGB) Rotary Controller
  11. SR2819SDIM
    Sunricher RF Single Colour 4 Zone Handset Controller
  12. SR2819SCCT
    Sunricher RF Dual Colour CCT 4 Zone Handset Controller
  13. SR2858Z8
    Sunricher RF RGBW Four Channel 8 Zone Programmable Handset Controller
  14. SR2839DIM&1029
    Sunricher RF Single Colour Control Set
  15. SR2839CCT&1029
    Sunricher RF Dual Colour (CCT) Control Set
  16. SR2839&1029
    Sunricher RF RGB Colour Changing Control Set
  17. SR2839W
    Sunricher RF Four Channel (RGBW) Remote Control Handset
  18. SR2858Z45C
    Sunricher RF Five Channel (RGB & CCT) Programmable Handset Controller
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18 Items

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