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Sunricher DALI Switch

Product Code: SR2701B
  • Compatible with all DALI products
  • Manual or Automatic DALI Address Settings
  • Single Channel AC DALI Switch
  • Digital user Interface & Menu Buttons
IP Rating 20
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Product Description

DALI Stands for Digital Addressable Lighting Interface and this Sunricher DALI 2 Lighting controller works with all DALI controllers in a DALI system. The switch works with the latest version of the DALI standard lighting and any products DALI and DALI-2 will work with this device.

This DALI 2 controller is a single channel DALI switch taking up one DALI address. It will switch your AC lighting products on/off rather than using AC DALI Dimming.

This DALI switch is rated up to 500w so can power mains products up to 5A

The DALI switch should be connected to the DALI BUS to receive the signal from the DALI control device, you can set the DALI address from the DALI Master or manually with the menu buttons and the digital display on the switch.

The connection to the DALI system is simple. All the input devices are connected together into the DALI BUS The DALI Master sends the control signal through the DALI wiring to each device which decodes the signal and controls your lighting.

LED Technologies supply a wide range of DALI products including;

DALI Wall Panels

Our wall panel range consists of DALI DT6 and DALI DT8 products for controlling single colour, Dual White (CCT), and colour-changing products.

DALI Drivers

These are a DALI dimmer and driver (power supply) built into one unit. DALI Drivers don't require a separate power supply so they require less wiring for a faster installation. Our professional DALI Drivers can be set to single-channel, dual-channel, three and four-channel modes using the menu buttons and digital display.

DALI Dimmers

DALI Dimmers require a separate driver to power them, they are available in many formats including DALI DT6, DT8, and XY.

DALI Signal Data Repeaters

This product boosts the DALI signal and is perfect for larger installations with longer DALI BUS cable runs.

The DALI protocol is now a global protocol used by many companies for installation in smart buildings. In addition to being able to control lighting, DALI can also control the building's heating and ventilation system. Through sensors, it can adjust the environment to enhance the wellbeing of staff and residents.

DALI is a BI-Directional protocol that can monitor all the building lighting and other products and report any faults in the system quick and easy building maintenance.

For further information and advice on any of our professional range of DALI products, contact our technical sales team by phone, email or through live chat on our website.

Quick Specs

IP Rating 20

What's in the box?

  • SR2701B DALI Switch
  • Instruction Leaflet
Product Code: SR2701B
Product Packed Gift box
Manufacturer Sunricher
Product Type Decoder
IP Rating IP20 Non-Waterproof
Current 5A
Input Voltage
This is the required amount of volts needed to power the product.
100V - 240V AC
Connectivity DALI protocols
Size 170 x 59 x 29mm (L x W x H)
Dimmable: No
Operating Temp -20~50°C
Datasheet - SR2701B Download

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