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LEDTech RGB LED Dimmable Rotary Knob Controller

Product Code: 100.634
  • Max load 3 Amps Per Channel
  • Simple to use
  • Create the Perfect Mix from RGB Strip
  • Colour control at your fingertips
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Product Description

This is a simple but effective way of mixing a custom colour on our Tri-Colour LED flexible lighting products.  Simply connect a suitable LED driver to the input terminals and your Tri-Colour (R,G,B)LED 12v or 24v flexible lighting product to the output terminals on the dimmer.

Note: Make sure that the output voltage of the driver is the same as the voltage rating of the tape.

By turning each of the Red, Green and Blue rotary controls you will be able to adjust the intensity of each colour effectively using the RGB colours to mix your own custom colour.

The dimmer offers a smooth dimming curve over Red, Green & Blue with a maximum load of up to 3A per channel (maximum total load 9A).
Please make sure that the 9A load on the dimmer is not exceeded otherwise this will damage the product and invalidate the warranty.

Quick Specs

Product Code: 100.634
Manufacturer LED Technologies
Product Type Controller / Driver
Guarantee Period 1 Year
PCB Weight Not Applicable
Appx Lumens: Not Applicable
Beam Angle: N/A
Power Consumption: Not Applicable
Power Factor > Not Applicable
Input Voltage
This is the required amount of volts needed to power the product.
12v / 24v DC
Size 130 x 38 x 29mm
Continuous Operation Not Applicable
Dimmable: No

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