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LED Technologies stock excellent quality LED lighting and control products but occasionally our suppliers discontinue a product line or we find new versions of products that are more advanced. We are always on the lookout for new products and by recycling our older products we can invest in new technology and keep up to date with the latest trends in lighting and control systems. It’s at that point that we make a decision to put our superseded or discontinued products into the clearance section of the website.

All our clearance products are new and unused and are supplied with a limited 3 month warranty. Why not grab yourself a genuine bargain and contact our sales team either by phone, email or through our live chat on our website. Whether you are purchasing our latest products or products from our clearance lines, you will receive exactly the same technical help and support that our customers have come to depend on.

Products are added to our clearance section on a regular basis so if you don’t see something that interests you, keep logging in!
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  1. 100.838
    Lifestyle 30W 6000K Cool White Floodlight
  2. 100.769
    7W Cool White Dimmable LED Downlighter 6500K
  3. 100.771
    12W Cool White Dimmable LED Downlighter 6500K
  4. 100.770
    12W Warm White Dimmable LED Downlighter 3000K
  5. 100.773
    22W Cool White Dimmable LED Downlighter 6500K
  6. 100.772
    22W Warm White Dimmable LED Downlighter 3000K
  7. 100.756
    Benchmark GU10 5000-5500K Dimmable
  8. 100.763
    Benchmark GU10 4000-4500K Dimmable
  9. 100.368/369
    LedTech EcoLife GU10 LED Lamp Dimmable
  10. 100.317
    LedTech GU10 Led Lamp Single Colour Green - 6w Dimmable
  11. 100.433
    LEDTech LED Candle Lamp E14 SES - 3 watt SMD Warm White Eco Version
  12. 100.466/467
    LedTech Led Lamp G9 Warm White & Cool White 3w
  13. 100.699
    LEDTech Mini LED CT Controller Set 12/24v 3x6 Amp
  14. 100.698
    LEDTech Mini LED Dimmer Set 12/24V 3x3 Amp
  15. 100.700
    LEDTech Mini LED RGB Controller Set 12/24V 3x3 Amp
  16. 100.702
    LEDTech Touch CT Controller Set 12/24V 3x6 Amp
  17. 100.496
    LEDTech Wireless Remote Control Dimming Set
  18. 100.473
    LEDTech RGB White/Amber Easy LED Controller
  19. 100.294
    LedTech RGB LED Controller IP65
  20. 100.745
    Lifestyle Warm White LED Strip Kit 3mtr
  21. 100.764
    Lifestyle Red LED Strip Kit 3mtr
  22. 100.765
    Lifestyle Green LED Strip Kit 3mtr
  23. 100.766
    Lifestyle Blue LED Strip Kit 3mtr
  24. 100.767
    Lifestyle Orange/Amber LED Strip Kit 3mtr
  25. 100.778
    NeoLinear Flex Mini 4000K 5Mtr
  26. 100.784
    NeoLinear Mini Topview 1M Extrusion
  27. 100.807
    NeoLinear Mini Clip Set
  28. 100.783
    NeoLinear Flex Sideview RGB 4Mtr
  29. 100.782
    NeoLinear Flex Sideview 4000K 4Mtr
  30. 100.786
    NeoLinear Sideview 975MM Extrusion
  31. 100.808
    NeoLinear Side View Clip Set
  32. 100.785
    NeoLinear Topview 975MM Extrusion
  33. 100.809
    NeoLinear Top View Clip Set
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Items 1-33 of 42

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