There are a Huge amount of Colour changing LED strip lights available on the market today such as RGB, RGBW and CT adjustable all of which have their own limitation and unique applications. RGB+CW+WW LED strip lighting features a 5 in 1 LED Chip with both RGB and CT adjustable colour changing abilities.

Colour Temperature Adjustable & RGBW LED Strips
RGB LED Strips
Colour Temperature Adjustable LED Strips

Our range of RGB+CW+WW LED strips can be set at any colour temperature from 2400K - 6500K as well as any Single Colour by mixing the Red, Green and Blue chip appropriately similar to a TV pixel.
The benefit of having an RGB+CW+WW LED strip over a standard RGBW product is the ability to set the strip with a range of pure whites where an RGBW LED strip will only be settable to the Colour temperature of the White channel of that particular RGBW strip.

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RGB/Cool White LED Strips

In our product range there are currently two variations of the RGB+CW+WW LED strip, both of which are IP20 rated and 20W/Pm however they both feature different CRI ratings one of which has a CRI80+ and the other CRI95+. Both products are of a very high quality however the CRI 95+ rating would be better suited to Film and Production where the lower CRI 80+ would be ideal for domestic and commercial applications.

Our range of IP20 LED Strip Lights
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