On our website, you may come across the term CRI rating when looking through our range of LED strip lighting and other similar lighting products.

This among the other specifications like LED's per metre or IP rating will determine whether the LED strip you are looking for is suitable for your current project.

The CRI rating (Colour Rendering Index) of an LED strip light or similar LED product is a measure from 0 - 100%.
This represents the Light produced by an LED chip compared to a reference light source.

The Higher the CRI rating of an LED chip the better its ability to produce a pure white Light.

In essence the higher the CRI rating of an LED product the purer the white produced by the diodes.

Although you would expect all diodes to produce a high-quality light, LED strip lights with low CRI ratings can appear blue as the LED chips are not of high-quality.

High CRI ratings are crucial in some applications such as TV studios, Retail and Photography.

This is because a true white is required to properly present the colours of the objects being captured or displayed.

Our range of High CRI rated Studio flex LED strips are available in both a range of Single Colour Whites as well as Colour Changing RGBCW/WW and CT Adjustable LED strips. Fantastic for professional applications where a pure and accurate white is required for a high end install.


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