Flood Lights

LED outdoor floodlights can be installed in a variety of creative places to create bespoke and magnificent lighting designs. Our range at LED Technologies offer a wealth of flood lights including single colour LED floodlights and RGB colour changing LED floodlights. You can achieve any lighting design you want or achieve the following LED lighting ideas easily.

Garden Lighting

LED flood lights are an exquisite solution for lighting up your garden in beautiful and bright colours.

It is particularly ideal for professional outdoor tree lighting. Flood lights emit a bright light source that create a wide wash of colour. This is perfect for lighting up trees as the light will create stunning shadows and highlights on the leaves and branches of the tree. This can be paired with other lighting products such as LED Strip lights to create dazzling lighting on any tree.

Flood Lights

Our colour changing flood lights allow a custom mixed shade to be emitted. From bright bold colours to light pastel colours or a simple wash of white light, our flood lights will enable you to create any mood or atmosphere that you want to achieve.

It also creates heavenly lighting on other focal points in your garden such as bushes, statues and especially water features such as fountains. Shining light onto moving water reflects the light in an elegant and sophisticated way. This is perfect for your home or professional commercial lighting to create a glamourous and contemporary feel.

Garden LED flood lights can also be used as a functional light source such as lighting pathways. The flood lights can then be paired with PIR motion sensors. Passive infrared sensors detect heat which then switches the lights on. This means that simply walking past the flood lights will turn them on without the need of switching them on by a wall switch or handset.

Outdoor Building Lighting

Floodlights are also useful for other areas outside of your home or commercial building.

They are perfect as LED driveway flood lights or car park flood lights. They will effortlessly light up a huge space to ensure visibility is good. It will create a modern and sleek design to the front of your house or building while also achieving an added bonus of acting as a security light.

The colour changing ability of MiBoxer flood lights makes them perfect for decorative wall lighting. It is great for lighting up your building or home in colours that represent you or to show support for current political movements. It is a great way for showing solidarity in a unique and simple way.

Flood Lights
Flood Lights

Outdoor Event Lighting

Finding appropriate lights for illuminating outdoor events such as festivals, outdoor concerts, weddings or shows can be difficult. However, flood lights enable a range of creative lighting techniques. As mentioned above, lighting up focal points such as trees is a beautiful way of lighting up the space that create perfect photo backdrops.

They are also perfect for outdoor stage lighting. The colour changing ability and modes enable a creative light show to amplify the performance. They can be mounted above the stage or along the stage to achieve the right angle and position that you require using the handy bracket that allows the flood light to be screwed onto a surface.

Exhibition Lighting

These exhibition flood lights are amazing for adding a splash of colour to your stand. Illuminate the space with a wide angle to highlight your graphics. You can also create interesting light designs with a unique colour changing effect. It will bring focus and attention to your display while also achieving a professional feel.

The exhibition stand lighting can be mounted upon the rig using the mounting bracket attached to the floodlights.

Commercial Lighting

Floodlights have a wide commercial use, such as retail outlets, restaurants, cinemas, theatres or lobbies. The flood lights can be used for lighting up information boards such as menus or signs. Perfect for brightening logos for your business to highlight the logo and ensure your building stands out.

Our LED Floodlights

LED Technologies offer a range of high quality flood lights including

  • Benchmark low wattage (Green, Red, Orange and Warm White)
  • Mi-Light MiBoxer RGB
Flood Lights
Flood Lights
Flood Lights
Flood Lights

Flood Lights
Flood Lights

We have two variations of beam angles on our floodlights. The first variation is a 180 degree beam angle that is designed for a nice wide wash of light over the object / location it is shining on, for example an exhibition stand.

The second variation of beam angle we have is a 60 by 90 degree beam angle, that gives a 90 degree beam angle out of the top and bottom of the floodlight and 60 degree beam angle out of the sides. This would be ideal where you want more a focus on a certain object or location, for example if you wanted to light up a Hotel Sign.

LED Technologies also offer a wide range of other lighting options and accessories including:

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