Flood Lights

The most common and creative way to use and LED floodlight in different applications.

Garden Use
Using our floodlights you can create different effects up lighting various different locations in a garden.
For example a tree or bush you can use a coloured floodlight to give off an effect and bring our the natural colours.

Building Use
Using our normal Cool white or Warm white floodlights you can use them to up light a building.
Dependant on what colour the building your up lighting would depend on what colour Floodlight to use.
If you had a light shade for example a sand colour on the side of a building then the perfect colour would be a warm white floodlight as you would get a nice glow from it.

Exhibition Stand
For an exhibition stand a floodlight can be used to wash the stand giving it a good angle of light.
The floodlights can be mounted to rigging to give a good wash over a stand.

Different Beam angles
we have 2 variations of Beam angles on our floodlights. the First variation we have is a 180 degree beam angle that is designed for a nice wide wash of light over the object / location it is shining on, for example an exhibition stand.
The second variation of beam angle we have is a 60 x 90 degree beam angle, that gives a 90 degree beam angle out of the top and bottom of the floodlight and 60 degree beam angle out of the sides. This would be ideal where you want more a focus on a certain object or location, for example if you wanted to light up a Hotel Sign.

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