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When installing LED strip lights outdoors, it is important to consider your control options. IP68 or IP67 rated strips require weatherproof control equipment to protect your whole system from water ingress.

We offer a wide range of weatherproof control gear from our Sunricher range. This includes:

RF Weatherproof Receiver

This IP68 rated RF receiver is a professional solution for controlling your outdoor LED lights using an RF control protocol. It is designed to work with LED lighting that has 4 channels.

DMX Decoder

A DMX decoder is the perfect solution for controlling a wide range of LED products. This includes single colour, CCT, RGB and RGBW. DMX is an ideal control protocol for installations that require many LED lights. For example, hotels, restaurants or retail outlets may need a large number of outdoor lights to light up the entirety of the building.

The decoder features a variety of professional features that can be easily adjusted with the menu buttons. You can adjust the PWM frequency to either 1500hz or 200hz. The dimming curve can be changed from linear to logarithmic. It can also be set to control 1, 2, 3, or 4 channel lighting giving you a versatile product.

PWM Data Repeater

Pulse Width Modulation LED data repeater is a four channel unit that allows multiple lighting fixtures to be controlled together. This repeater is recommended to be used with our Sunricher control units. However, they are suitable for four channel PWM controllers from other producers.

These LED lights remote control solutions enable you to effortlessly control your outdoor lights without causing damage to the whole system.

They feature external tails and a potted silicone design to ensure ingress protection. The build quality ensures that they can withstand being submerged in 2 metres of water. This makes them ideal for extremally wet environments such as pools, outdoors or water features such as fountains.

I have personal experience with the RF weatherproof kit. I installed the remote control receiver for LED weatherproof lights on a summer house. This enables me to control the colour and the brightness of the LED tape easily.

I can control the lighting from up 20m away using an RF remote control handset. I also have a conveniently placed wall panel.

Both handset and wall panels can be connected to the RF receiver. 8 controllers can be connected which ensures flexibility of control options.
The equipment I have used has been subjected to thunderstorms, heavy rain and extreme temperatures. This has had no adverse effect on my lighting system.

When installing your waterproof LED lighting, it is extremally important to ensure that your wiring connectors are also watertight.

We recommend using our Raytech gel connectors. They are pre-filled LED connectors that are perfect for keeping wire connections waterproof. They provide an easy waterproof sealant around the connections with a non toxic gel.

They can be used in conjunction with fast latch connectors. This further ensures that installing your LED lighting is quick and easy.

Fast latch connectors make installing your outdoor LED lighting effortless. Simply place the wires in the connector, ensuring it is wired correctly. Then place the connection in the gel filled junction box to create a waterproof seal.

The Gel box connectors are also reusable. The gel does not have a shelf life which ensures that adjustments to the wiring can be easily made.

They are very easy and extremely fast to install. There is no need for drilling and plugging walls to fix waterproof joint boxes.

Effortlessly control LED lighting in your outdoor environments with Sunricher and Raytech waterproofing control gear.

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