There are several ways to go round corners with LED Strip Lights, some of which are more permanent solutions than others.

One way of going around 90° corners is to use Solderless LED strip connectors, these products feature metal tabs that make contact with the copper solder points on the circuit board of the LED strip to pass the current through the connector and round the 90° bend. We would recommend solder-less connectors for temporary installations like exhibition stands and displays where a quick and easy installation is needed for temporary install.

For more permanent installations our Hippo connectors are a more reliable and stronger solution with prongs that pierce the circuit board of the LED strip creating a sturdier connection between the PCB and the LED strip connector.
Although Our hippo connectors are very reliable and one of the best solutions for connecting LED strip lighting, the best and most reliable way of connecting LED strip both round corners and in all scenarios is to solder

Soldering LED strip creates a permanent connection between the copper tab and the Cable that will last the full length of the LED strip. For this we stock a high quality LED strip soldering Kit with an Adjustable temperature and 5 tips for an easy installation.

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