For an outward light emitting non-spotting shop window arch NEOLINEAR™ is theperfect solution.
This high grade product comes in 2 variations, Top view and a Side view both of which are IP67 rated so can be used outside.

The Top view can be bent up and down like a roller coaster with the light emitting out of the top
The Side view can be bent left to right like a snake with the light emitting out of the top.

The perfect solution for this application would to be to go for the side view option as it can be bent following the arch with the light emitting outwards.
This product can be bent to a maximum of 150mm however the arch is a smooth bend so would be perfect.

The neonflex comes on 5 metre rolls with the rear of the cable fed into it meaning that if a longer length than 5m is needed then you can join it at the back and butt them up to each other to create a nice continuous line of light. You can daisy chain up to 10 metre in one line.
You can also power both ends to make 20 metre and to do this you would just use a 300w driver and feed both ends.

There are 2 methods of fixing the Neonflex, if you are bending it then you can use the clips which are 100mm long and you get 10 in a pack.
These are designed so that if you are following shapes then you can fix them down and mould the Neonflex to a shape.

The other method of fixing the Neonflex is if you are doing straight runs then you can just use the normal aluminum profile that we also supply.

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