NEOLINEAR™ is the perfect solution for an outward light emitting shop window arch. The requirements for this arch was that it can be bent and does not have any spotting.

This flexible LED neon light is perfect for this and comes in two variations, a top view and a side view.

The top view can be bent up and down with the light emitting from the top. The side view can be bent left and right with the light emitting out the top.

It is advisable to use the side view option for this project as it can be flexed to follow the curve of the arch. NEOLINEAR neon LED lights can be bent to a maximum of 150mm. The arch is a smooth bend making this the ideal solution with the light emitting outwards.

The Neonflex comes in 5 metre rolls which can be daisy chained up to 10 metres in one line. The power cable is situated at the back of the LED strip meaning that two LED neon flex can be connected to create a continuous line of light.

If you require a 20 metre length, the strip can be powered from both ends. To achieve this, you would need to use a 300W driver and feed both ends of the strip.

Sideview neon strips are available in a huge range of variations. We offer 4 white strips with varying colour temperatures from Cool White to Warm White, single colour LED strips including Red, Green, Blue, Pink and Orange as well as colour changing RGB and RGBW LED strips that allow you to achieve custom mixed colours.



LED lighting is a great alternative for traditional lighting techniques such as halogen. LED lights are wonderfully energy efficient, using less power without compromising on the light quality. They have a significantly longer life span ensuring that your lights will last many years without needing to be replaced.

These offer an IP rating of IP67 which means that they are waterproof. The 6 stands for completely protected against dust. The 7 stands for protection against temporary submersion. Therefore these are perfect for challenging environments such as pools or coastal resorts.

Read more about IP ratings using our case study

There are two options for fixing the NeonFlex. If it is being bent like in this installation, 100mm fixing clips are ideal. They are designed to enable the Flex tape to be molded and clipped down onto a curved shape.

The second option if the tape is being installed in a straight run is to install into Neon flex profiles. LED Profiles are exquisite for achieving a professional and sleek finish while also acting as a heat sink to prolong the life of your LED product. This method is particularly useful in exposed locations and challenging environments such as holiday resorts or water parks.

LED lighting can be controlled with protocols like RF, DALI, and DMX. We stock a wide range of Sunricher control equipment including handsets and wall panels to easily manage your professional lighting designs.

These high quality NEOLINEAR LED strip lights were the perfect solution for shop window lighting for a creative and contemporary design. Grab attention easily in a professional and beautiful way with these amazing Neon Flex products.

NEOLINEAR is perfect for a range of installations such as LED neon signs and illuminating architectural features. They are a suitable lighting fixture for spaces such as hotels, restaurants, entertainment establishments as well as your home.

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