24V Proflex

ProFlex 24V LED strip lights are perfect where a high quality and durable product is required.

They are manufactured with quality components. This includes 2oz circuit board and Epistar LED chips. Epistar LEDs are the best chips as they offer high reliability and colour consistency, as well as a bright output. They come equipped with a CRI rating of greater than 80.

Read about Colour Rendering Index using our case study

24V LED tape offer a wealth of benefits compared to other standard LED strips such as 12v Strips. We offer a huge range of 24v strip LED lights suitable for any lighting project. This includes single colour to RGBW in varying IP ratings from IP20 to IP68. This gives you a product for any installation whether it is indoors or outdoors.

Energy Efficiency

Light emitting diodes (LEDs) are a wonderfully energy efficient lighting solution. This makes LED lighting technology the perfect alternative to traditional lighting fixtures such as halogen. This is due to the fact that LED lights use less power as well as wasting less energy.

LED lights have reduced energy wastage as they do not create as much heat. Therefore resulting in the majority of power being transformed into light.

The LED lights will also offer a longer life span meaning that the LED lights will not need replacing regularly. This is therefore a wonderful way of lighting any space while saving money.

24V LED flexible strips offer a cost-effective and environmentally friendly lighting, perfect for installation in any space.

Low Voltage Drop

24V flexible tape is recommended for professional and high end light projects due to the strips featuring a low voltage drop. Voltage drop is where the strip will be brighter at the start of the roll compared to the end. This is not usually noticeable by the human eye but is noticeable when photographed or filmed. Therefore, for high end installations such as TV shows, it is vital to use a higher voltage LED strip.


LED Technologies offer a huge range of colour options. You can achieve any lighting effect that you require for any project. Our range includes:

  • White - Our range of white LED strips come in varying colour temperatures. This enables you to create the right mood and atmosphere. This will illuminate your space with a stunning white glow between cool white, natural white and warm white.

Use our colour temperature slider to view the varying temperatures

24V Proflex
24V Proflex
24V Proflex

  • Single Colour - Our single colour LED range come in colours such as Red, Green, Blue, Pink and Orange. This enables you to achieve a beautiful and bright wash of colour.
24V Proflex
24V Proflex
24V Proflex
24V Proflex

  • RGB - Colour changing LED strips allow a you to create interesting and stunning lighting effects. These are ideal for spaces such as children's rooms or clubs where a colour changing feature is required.
24V Proflex
24V Proflex

  • RGBW- RGBW strips feature a dedicated white channel that creates a pure white light. This ensures that you don't need to mix RGB colours to achieve a white which can cause discolouration. Our RGBW strips come in varying colour temperatures. You can achieve complete control over the lighting and temperature of the strip.
24V Proflex
24V Proflex

Silicone Casing

Our IP67 LED strip and IP68 strips offer a waterproof solution useful for installations in wet and damp environments. These strips offer a durable and strong silicone coating that will not discolour of crack over time.

The strips are dipped into the silicone sealant which creates a single layer seal around the entirety of the strip. The Marine IP68 strips are dipped twice to ensure that they are completely water tight.

Ingress protection rating is a rating that informs you how protected a product is from solid objects and water. The first digit is protection against solid objects while the second is against water. Read our case study to read more about IP ratings and what they mean.

Length Adjustment

Our 24v strips come on 5 metre rolls which can be easily adjusted.

If you require longer lengths the strips can be daisy chained up 10 metres by soldering them together. If you require longer than 10 metres, you will need to power the strips from both ends. This will reduce the phenomenon of voltage drop.

If you require shorted lengths, the strips can be easily cut along the marked cutting points. These are 100mm apart which enables you to create bespoke lengths.

Easy Installation

All of our LED strips are extremally easy to install. They feature a high quality adhesive backing that makes them easy to mount. They are highly unlikely to drop of completely fall off but mounting clips are also available for extra security.

The strips could even be installed into LED profiles that offer a wealth of benefits. Read our case study as to why we recommend installing your LED strips into profiles.

24V Proflex
24V Proflex
24V Proflex
24V Proflex

The strips then need to be connected to a suitable 24V LED driver. This will provide a power supply to your LED strips.


We offer a huge range of Sunricher Control systems including RF, DMX and DALI. These offer control options including wall panels and handsets to make controlling your LED lights effortless. Whether it is in your smart home or professional commercial installations, we have a perfect control system.

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