Long Length Led Strip Lights

Low Voltage 36v LED Strip light is the perfect solution for doing long runs of LED Strip Lights.

It comes on a 10m roll and using our 300w 36v Driver you can run up too 30m in one line by applying the power to one end.

The LED strip comes with a high Adhesive Tesa 4965 Backing meaning that once the LED strip is stuck down it isn't going to come loose or droop down.

Also with the LED Strip you get some silicone bridging clips which are designed to go over the LED strip and fixed down on each side stopping it from moving.

The LED strip is IP67 Silicone coated meaning it is designed to be used both indoors and outdoors.

It features 90 x 3528 Epistar LED's Per Metre and comes with 1m tails pre-soldered on both ends.

In addition to the high adhesive backing you can also mount the LED Strip Light in aluminium Profiles, these come with an opaque diffuser as standard.

If this LED Strip needs to be dimmed you can add in a remote control facility to dim the strip down.

This works off an RF Frequency meaning that you don't need a line of sight to the receiver, instead you just need to be within a 20m radius of it.

The Remote then talks to the receiver and you can dim the strip down.

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