Long Length Led Strip Lights

LED Technologies offer a low voltage 36v LED Strip lights for projects that require a long run of LED lights. It is a perfect solution for large spaces or surface areas.

These 10m outdoor LED strip lights are perfect for lighting up the outside of your house or commercial buildings. They can outline windows or the roof to create a unique lighting effect that will ensure that your building stands out. Perfect for restaurants or hotels to illuminate the outside area for a professional and stylish finish.

In fact, they are perfect for any large space lighting. They will emit a bright white light that is ideal for large rooms. This may include spaces such as halls, function rooms, lobbies or even stage lighting.

They can easily be installed along the wall or be placed in creative ways. This could include along the stage, behind screens or artwork or even underneath furniture.

Strips are also ideal for domestic lighting in dining rooms, living rooms, hallways or bedrooms. Create accent lighting easily in beautiful white halos. Or achieve functional lighting that can be installed as ceiling lights, wall mounted lights or surface mounted.

Read our blog on Home improvements with LED Strip Lights for more ideas.

These single colour strips feature a high quality Tesa 4965. It will enable a secure attachment to most surfaces and will not become loose or hang down. For extra security, the strips have silicone bridging clips that are designed to be installed over the strip. The clips can then be fixed down on each side stopping the tape from moving.

Dimmable LED strip lights can also be mounted with LED profiles that offer a wealth of benefits.

This includes extending the life of your strip lights by acting as a heat sink. Providing an extra protective barrier with the opaque diffuser. Providing a smooth and clean surface to mount your lights. It also creates a softer light effect in one continuous line through the diffuser.

The exterior LED light strips have an IP rating of IP67 rating. It has a strong silicone sealant that ensures that the strips are protected from both dust and water. This makes it ideal for outdoor lighting as it can withstand the weather such as rain and snow.

Warm White, Daylight White, and Cool White colour temperature LED strip lights are available. Colour temperatures can dramatically alter the atmosphere created by the lights. Cool white lighting offers a bright and almost clinical atmosphere while a warm white offers a comforting and soft lighting effect.

Our variety of colour temperatures make these the perfect product for any space. This can be at home or commercial spaces such as retail outlets.

Read more about Colour Temperature and IP ratings using our case study.

Our flexible LED lights come on 10m rolls that can be cut at 100mm intervals. These can be daisy chained up to 30m in one continual line that can be powered from one end. To provide a power supply to your 10m lights ensure you use a 300w 36v LED driver.

LED strips can be effortlessly controlled with the addition of a control system. Our single colour Radio Frequency handsets and receivers will enable easy dimming and switching without the need of a line of sight. Just ensure you are in a 20m radius of the receiver. This is ideal for outdoor lighting as it can be controlled from indoors.

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