Home improvements with LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights are a versatile and easy product to install around your home. They can create beautiful and stunning lighting effects as well as creating the right ambience and atmosphere for your space. They are perfect interior LED lighting for homes as they can be installed in a variety of places.

Adding light to existing features can dramatically change your space. Achieve a contemporary and creative lighting design to your home with some of the ideas below.

Kitchen and Dining Room lighting

Kitchen spaces can be beautifully lit up with LED flexible tape light. They can be installed under the cabinets, against plinths or even in drawers.

Under cabinet lighting is perfect for providing more visibility on worktops while also creating a stylish and contemporary look. Strip lights could even be installed under dining tables to create an attractive low light halo.

LED Strip lights in a kitchen

We recommend using CCT adjustable strip lights for kitchen and dining room lighting. The colour temperature can be adjusted for the mood and atmosphere you need to create. This is particularly useful in dining rooms or for kitchen dining.

A cool white light can be selected for working or cooking as it offers a bright and clear lighting condition. They can then can be adjusted to a Warm White for a soft and comfortable atmosphere to relax in.

Have a look at our colour temperature slider to see the effects of colour temperatures in use.

Ensure that your choice in strips are either splashproof or waterproof which are rated IP65 or higher. This will ensure the LED Tape is protected from steam that can be produced from the kettle or cooking.

Ingress protection rating is a rating that informs you how protected a product is from solid objects and water. The first digit is protection against solid objects while the second is against water. Read our case study to read more about IP ratings and what they mean.

Bathroom Lighting

LED bathroom lighting allows you to achieve beautiful soft and relaxing ambient lighting in a sleek and modern way. The strip lights can be installed around furniture such as the bath or sinks or can easily be hidden underneath bathrooms counters. Achieve a splash of colour or achieve low lighting with dimmable LED strip lights.

Strip lights are particularly beautiful when installed behind mirrors. They achieve a beautiful glow that shines on you when looking into the mirror, creating a soft and stunning lighting effect.

LED Strip Lights for Bathrooms

Ensure that your bathroom LED strip lights are waterproof as bathrooms are wet and damp environments. It is ideal to use strips rated IP67 or higher as they are highly likely to come into contact with steam and water regularly.

If installing lights within showers it is recommended to use IP68 strip lights which are protected from complete submersion for long periods of time.

Ceiling Lighting

Strip lights can be effortlessly mounted as ceiling lights. It can transform any room instantly with a stunning lighting effect.

This is perfect for hallways or porches for creating an inviting and trendy lighting effect for when guests enter your home. You can achieve a variety of lighting effects including vibrant stunning colours or pastel colours. For lighting that can be set to a custom colour, use a RGBW strip that can create millions of colours.

Ceiling LED Lights

It can also add a modern twist to historical or ornate features. It will bring focus and attention upon them by casting beautiful highlights and shadows onto the details of the feature.

Ceiling lights could also be simply used to add extra ambience or as a night light. Our dimmable strip lights allow you to adjust the brightness of the lights to match the lighting that you require for your space.

A great way to install strip lights is to use our angled aluminium profiles. This will enable the strip light to perfectly sit into the corner while producing a soft effect.

Furniture Lighting

LED strips can be hidden in creative and stunning places such as sofas, Screens or mirrors. This is an inspired way of installing strip lights while providing light in areas where many objects tend to go missing.

Strip lighting could also be used to highlight artwork or photographs mounted on the wall. A beautiful wash of light can be cast upon it to create a focal point.

LED Strip Lights in furniture

These high quality strip lights can open up any space in beautiful and unique styles. Create striking glows that can add ambience lighting.

Strip lights are perfect for shelf lighting to show case your artwork, keepsakes, books or memorabilia. They can be easily placed to highlight and bring focus to the objects placed on it.

LED Srip Lights for shelving

They can be used in glass display cabinets too. We recommend using model flex for this as it has a smaller width making it a little bit more subtle and keeps focus on your display features. It will embellish your display units in a heavenly look creating a fresh and stylish design.

Stair Lighting

LED stair lighting is an exquisite way of bringing a new and classy source of lighting in stair hallways.

The LED lights can be added below the handrail or underneath each step. Not only does this look amazing, but it makes it safer for using stairs during the night.

LED Strip Lights for Stairs

A motion sensor can even be added by using a PRI sensor. This will turn the lights on as you approach without having to turn additional lighting on.

Outdoor Lighting

We also offer a range of outdoor LED colored lights that can bring a breath of new life to your outdoor spaces.

Ensure you use an IP67 rated strip light to ensure it can withstand weather such as rain or snow and ensure that the wire connections are placed within gel connectors.

Outdoor LED Lighting

There are endless possibilities that LED lights can be installed outside including:

  • Decking. Install either on the handrails, stairs or below the decking.
  • Outdoor buildings such as sheds.
  • Wall lighting such as outlining the roof of your house.
  • Pathways, we recommend using a walk over profile to ensure no damage comes to the strips.
  • Garden Bar lights
  • Water features, ensure you chose a IP68 so that it can withstand long periods of submersion.

Strip lights are an exquisite way of highlighting focal points in your garden such as trees and statues. They will beautifully cast light onto the details of the features creating a stunning light effect.

Our Range

We have a huge range of LED Strips that can create any effect that you want. From CCT adjustable, colour changing RGB or single colour strips in non-waterproof, splashproof and waterproof variations.

We even have bendable LED strips from the SideWinder or Flexi range. These can be bent forwards and backwards as well as left and right, perfect for tight angles and corners.

Our LED Strips

For a professional finish, LED profiles are perfect. LED profiles offer a range of benefits including:

  • Diffusing light
  • Heat sink
  • Sturdy Housing
  • Reduces spotting
  • Smooth and Clean surface
  • Extends the life of LED strips
  • Easy to clean

We offer a range of LED profiles including flat, deep, angled and walk over profiles.


LED strip lights are a perfect alternative to traditional lighting fixtures as LED lighting technology is an energy efficient lighting solution. This is due to the fact that LED lights have a lower power consumption as well as wasting less energy.

Most of the power is being transformed into light as LED lights create less heat and reduces the amount of wasted energy. This ensures that this is a cost-effective way of lighting your home.

LED lights also offer a longer life span therefore, the LED lights will not need replacing regularly.

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