Home improvements with LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights are a versatile and easy to install product than can produce stunning effects in and around you home. Here are a few ideas to bring creativity and individuality just by adding light to existing features.

LED Strip lights in a kitchen

The Kitchen, often considered the heart of the home can easily be fitted out with LED Strip lights, under cabinets, against plinths and even in drawers. Add extra light on you worktops to improve visibility or just be used to change the mood depending on the occasion. Our range of waterproof and splashproof Strip Lights are perfect for all kitchen applications.

Ceiling LED Lights

The ceiling of any room can be easily transformed by installing LED Strip Lights in coving or cornices. Create a warm welcome feel to hallways and porches. Add a modern twist to historical or ornate features. Add extra functional light to your bathroom, or just use the ceiling to create an extra ambient light source or night light.

LED Strip Lights in furniture

Furniture, Mirrors and pictures can all be used to hide LED Strips inside to give a room more interest and create a feeling of space.
As well as creating a feature these additions of light can also be useful, for example sofas and armchairs often become home to lost objects like remote controls, mobile phones and even money. The addition of light underneath can open up these spaces and also highlight them as a feature in the room.

LED Srip Lights for shelving

Shelving is a great way to showcase artwork, keepsakes, books and memorabilia. Bring them to life with the addition of LED Strip Lights or Light bars.

LED Strip Lights for Stairs

Stairs can greatly benefit from the addition of LED strips either both below the handrail or underneath each step. Not only do they look amazing, but they will also make it safer to negotiate the stairs at night. PRI sensors can also be added so the stairs will illuminate as you approach without needing to turn on additional lighting allowing the rest of the household to go undisturbed.

LED Strip Lights for Bathrooms

Bathrooms, a place to relax and wash away the stresses of life. Waterproof LED strip lights can easily add colour and low light ambience to any bathroom while maintaining the safety standards required in a wet environment

Outdoor LED Lighting

There are so many ways LED Lighting can improve the look and feel of all your outdoor spaces. Our waterproof lighting products, Power supplies, controllers and connectors when installed by a professional electrician can breath new life in your outdoor spaces giving you a whole new range of possibilities including:
• Illuminated water features
• Decking and railings
• Sheds and outdoor buildings
• Roof Highlights
• Patios and pathways
• Garden furniture and much more

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