Optima LED Strip Lights

The Optima LED strip series is one of the brightest LED strips that LED Technologies offer. They offer a bright white light with 1800 lumens per metre to ensure that your space is beautifully lit up.

They are manufactured with high quality components that makes them perfect for installations where a high grade product is required. They offer many benefits with a selection of white colour temperatures for any lighting installation.

Epistar LED Chips

This includes 300 x 2216 Epistar LED chips that offer ahigh reliability and colour consistency as well as a high brightness output. Optima LED flexible strips have chips spaced just 3.3mm apart. This ensures that a continuous line of light is achieved without any spotting. This is perfect for high end professional installations.


The bright LED strip lighting offers a greater than 95 CRI rating. This is a very crisp light that has no interference of any other colours.

Optima LED strip tape comes in a variety of colour temperatures, from Cool White to Warm White. You can achieve any mood or atmosphere you require from our selection. If you require a bright and clear lighting solution, we recommend using the Cool White variations. If you are looking for a more relaxed home aesthetic, we recommend using the Warm White strips.

The strips are also fully dimmable allowing you brightness control.

Optima LED Strip Lights
Optima LED Strip Lights
Optima LED Strip Lights
Optima LED Strip Lights

Energy Efficient

Light emitting diodes (LEDs) are a wonderfully energy efficient lighting solution. This makes LED lighting technology the perfect alternative to traditional lighting fixtures such as halogen. This is due to the fact that LED lights use less power as well as wasting less energy.

LED lights have reduced energy wastage as they do not create as much heat. Therefore resulting in the majority of power being transformed into light.

The LED lights will also offer a longer life span meaning that the LED lights will not need replacing regularly. This is therefore a wonderful way of lighting any space while saving money.

These bright white LED light strips offer a cost-effective and environmentally friendly lighting, perfect for installation in any space.

LED Profiles

Due to the high power consumption, this LED tape lighting will emit more heat than the standard strip. Therefore, it is highly recommended to mount these white LED strip lights into a aluminium LED profile. It will dissipate the heat and ensure that your strip does not overheat and fail to operate.

The 2oz PCB circuit board is only 10mm wide which therefore means it will easily fit into all our profiles. This gives you a huge selection of mounting options and lighting designs.

Optima LED Strip Lights Profiles
Optima LED Strip Lights Profiles
Optima LED Strip Lights Profiles
Optima LED Strip Lights Profiles

LED profiles offer a huge amount of benefits including the fact that they act as a heat sink to dissipate heat.

Read our case study on all of the benefits that come with using a LED profile.

Low Voltage Drop

Voltage drop is where the lighting is bright at the start of the strip compared to the end of the strip. Our super bright Optima strips have a significantly low voltage drop compared to standard LED strips. This offers you a consistent lighting effect.

Length Adjustment

These Optima LED strips can be adjusted bespoke lengths with cutting points every 25mm. This enables you to create the right length for your space. You can also fit the strip lights into corner by cutting and soldering.

If you require lengths longer than 10 metres, you will need to power the strips from both ends. This will reduce the phenomenon of voltage drop.

Easy Installation

As with all our LED strips, the Optima LED tape is extremally easy to install.

The Optima range comes with a 300mm DC jack connectors that are pre soldered on one end. On the opposite end, there are 300mm pre soldered tails for each of installation.

They feature a high quality Tesa adhesive backing that makes mounting the strips effortless. Simple peel back the protective paper and place the strip on a clean and smooth surface. This is highly unlikely to drop of fall off, but fixing clips are available for extra security.

To provide a power supply, connect a suitable LED driver and then connect to a mains power source.


Controlling your LED lights can be effortless when using our Sunricher control systems. You can effortlessly switch or dim your LED lighting with a huge range of control protocols including RF, DMX and DALI.

These control systems give you a choice of control options through wall panels, dimmer switches and handsets.

The Control systems can also be integrated into your home automation network. You can control your lighting through your voice, provided a suitable hub in connected such as Philips hue or Amazon Alexa.

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