Optima LED Strip Lights

Our Optima LED Strip Lights are one of the brightest LED strips that we do with a 24 Watts per meter output and giving off approximately 1800 Lumens Per metre.

Due to the brightness of this strip it must be mounted in a suitable aluminum profile for heat dissipation.

With a CRI Rating of Greater than 95 you get a very crisp light with no interference of any other colours.
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This product features 300 x 2216 Branded Epistar LED's per meter spaced at every 3.3mm and is the perfect strip for where you are looking for a continuous line of light with no spotting.

Fully dimmable and can be dimmed with our wide range of new sunricher control gear which consists of RF / DMX / Dali / 0-10v and Triac dimmers.

This superior product is made up of a 2oz PCB Circuit board which is 10mm wide so will fit in all of our aluminum profiles.

With cut points every 25mm meaning that very precise lengths can be made and it can be terminated with very little dark spots.

It is IP20 so only rated for indoor use.

For convience of use the Optima Range comes with 300mm DC Jack connectors pre soldered on one end and also a set of 300mm tails pre soldered on the opposite end.

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