For Indoor applications where a continuous line of light is required in a minimal profile, our Range of NeoLED strips are perfect. With a CRI Rating of 90+ the NeoLED is tailor made for Installations where a pure – high quality white is required such as Commercial Shop Fits and High end Interior Design installs.

NeoLED is available in a range of white colour temperatures ranging from 2200K – 6300K giving you a broad selection of colour temperatures to choose from when working towards a particular aesthetic. Unlike Most LED strips the NeoLED features Single Cob LED with 528 LED’s per metre, not only does this make the LED strip more efficient but it creates an unbroken line of light with 0% pixilation.

The NeoLED also boasts a 180 Degree beam angle creating a larger projection of light compared to standard LED strip. With a maximum bend radius of 50mm, NeoLED is perfect for both linear and curved applications producing a continual hue of light around a curved surface. NeoLED also features a high quality Tessa tape backing making it more durable and resilient than other 3M adhesive alternatives.

For ease of install NeoLED is manufactured with 50cm tails either end of the 5 metre roll, with regular cut increments every 45.5mm the NeoLED is a customizable and reliable product for high end installations.

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