With outdoor LED strip lighting installations, it is important to choose the right LED strip for the job.

All outdoor installations should be IP67 rated.

If it is being permanently submerged in water, it needs to be IP68 rated like the marine flex range.
This range of strip lighting features a silicone coating that will not discolour or crack over time.

When it comes to green strip lights, there two grades of LED products to consider, both of which are from the Proflex range.

The First is Proflex 12V LED strip (100.285) with 60 x 3528 LED's per metre.

This model of LED strip is manufactured with high-efficiency Epistar LED chips and is best suited to ambient lighting applications at 4.8 WPM.

The second of the two is Proflex 24V LED strip (100.290) with 60 x 5050 LED's per metre.

This is a much brighter LED strip as it features larger 5050 Epistar LED chips and is 14.4WPM as opposed to 4.8WPM like the 12V Proflex.
The lumen output of the 24V is 2.5 x brighter than the 12V.

Choosing between these two products is entirely brightness based as they are both built to a very high quality and are supplied with a 3-year warranty.

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