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It is extremely important to choose the best LED strip for outdoor installations.

All outdoor lighting should be rated at least IP67.

The IP rating measures protection against dust and water. The first digit is in relation to solids, the second is liquids. For example, an IP67 rating means that the LED is totally protected against dust and water to a depth of 6-39 inches.

Submersible Lighting

Do you need waterproof outdoor strip lights that are going to be immersed for long periods of time? We recommend using a strip light from the Marine Flex range. For green lighting, we offer an RGB colour-changing Proflex Marine IP68 strip.

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They are made waterproof by dipping the uncoated LED tape into a silicone sealant. It is then left to dry and dipped again to ensure a reliable seal. The silicone is made of high quality materials and will not discolour or crack.

This is a perfect solution for lighting projects such as waterfalls, fountains, ponds and pools.

Outdoor Green Lighting

Do you require green LED strip lighting for general outside lighting such as lining roofs or embellishing focal points? There are two IP67 rated single colour LED flexible strips you can choose from.

12v 24W ProFlex Green LED tape lights

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This outdoor green LED light is manufactured with high-efficiency Epistar LED chips. These chips offer an amazing light consistency. They are best suited for ambient lighting as they offer a 4.8 WPM.

24V 72W ProFlex Green LED tape lights

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This flexible LED strip is much brighter than the previous. It features larger 5050 Epistar LED chips that emits a 14.4 WPM as opposed to the 4.8. It has a brighter lumen output too.

Choosing between the two options is purely based on brightness. If looking for a low light ambient lighting select the first option but if you require a bright and functional lighting effect the second option is more suitable.

They both offer a huge amount of benefits when compared to other lighting solutions such as halogen lighting. Our strip lights are of an extremally high quality which ensures that they are durable and have a long life span. Our strips do not need replacing regularly which saves you money in the long run.

The outdoor LED strip lights are also energy efficient which saves you money on energy bills. They use less power while also wasting less energy through heat, meaning that the majority of the power is being transformed into light.

When installing outdoor LED strips it is important to consider products that will maintain the IP rating of the strip. This includes accessories such as IP68 Rated Gel connectors that come pre filled to make watertight wiring effortless.

LED Technologies offer a wide range of products for any lighting design including:

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