When installing LED strip lighting outdoors it is important to ensure you have a product with a suitable IP rating.

We would recommend using an LED strip light with an IP rating of IP67 or higher to ensure the LED strips will not fail through water damage.

Our IP67 rated LED strip Lights are completely encapsulated in a durable silicone coating to prevent water ingress.

With this in mind the RGB led strip you would need for an outdoor install would be our RGB 24V Proflex LED strip.


If you are looking to control the LED strip via a DMX input for event purposes or with a DMX compatible control system you will require a DMX decoder.

We stock a large range of DMX decoders and other related products or controlling LED strip lighting, all with their own unique applications.

For outdoor use we stock an IP68 Sunricher DMX decoder with a hardwired DMX input ideal for outdoor installations.


When using these products and control systems outdoors it is important to use our Raytech Connectors when joing cables

This will prevent capillary action in changing temperatures that can eventually cause premature failure of the LED strip lighting and related product.


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