Today I had a Theatre company enquire about some LED Strip light for a new play they were producing.

They were looking to create a circle of Light.

It needed to be a constant band of light without any visable spotting. Meaning the LED Strip light they would need to use should have a high LED Per Metre count.

The LED Strip Light that I recommended was from out Optima Range. This LED Strip has 300 x 2216 LED's per metre spaced at 3.3mm apart meaning that when it is sat in the profile that you didn't get any spotting at all.
With this LED Strip light, because it has so many LED's per metre and a high wattage per metre it needs to be mounted in an aluminium profile to dissipate the heat.

Because they were looking for a circle of light I recommended our domed extrusion.

As this was for a theatre company and it was being filmed, we recommended our 5 Channel Sunricher DMX Decoder.
The reason they needed to use a DMX Decoder was so that when it showed up on the video, the LED strip would not appear to flicker.
DMX was the perfect soloution as the PWM Frequency could be altered up to 30,000 Hz and also the DMX Decoder could be altered to 16 Bit.


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