Today we had a Theatre company enquire about LED strip lighting for a new play they were producing.

They were looking for products to create a circle of light.

To create a LED circle, it required a constant band of light without any visual spotting. As this was for decorative stage lights, it was also important to select a product that will emit a bright light that can be seen clearly from far away.

LED Strip Light

We recommended this high quality LED Cool White strip light from the Optima range. This LED strip is perfect for the LED ring due to the fact that it has 300 by 2216 LEDs per metre spaced only 3.3mm apart. The closely packed LED lights ensure that there was absolutely no spotting creating a beautiful continuous line.

Optima LED Strip

This LED tape also offers an impressive bright light as it has 16-18 lumens per led and a CRI greater than 95. It has a super high brightness with a beautiful 6000k- 6500k white colour temperature with a 120 degree beam angle that is perfect for LED theatre lights.

As there are so many LEDs and it requires a high wattage per metre, it is highly recommended to install these strip lights using a LED profile. This is because they will emit a lot of heat that will need to be dissipated to ensure longevity of the strip lights life.

LED Profile

We recommended using a domed LED profile as this suited the circular shape of the light design. The durable aluminium casing is ideal as a heat sink to eliminate excess heat as it will draw it away from the strips. The clip in domed diffuser is perfect for achieving a softer more visually pleasing lighting effect and reducing spotting.

Domed LED Profile 1 MTR

LED profiles are also perfect for securing LED strip lights as they provide a smooth, clean and reliable surface to mount the tape onto using the self adhesive backing. If mounted on other surfaces it may not be guarantied to keep its shape for an extremally long time. They may begin to drop or fall of completely.

It further achieves a protective barrier for the strip lights to protect them from dust and touching. The lights are likely to moved a lot during the performance and therefore it is important that the lights are protected from accidental knocks.

LED Control

To control the ring light, we recommended using a 5 channel Sunricher DMX Decoder. DMX is great for LED control in professional lighting systems including theatre light controls.

5 channel Sunricher DMX Decoder

The show was going to be filmed so therefore it was important to ensure that the light circle had consistency with no flickering appearance. DMX control ensures that this is possible.

DMX also allows alternation of PWM frequency up to 30,000 Hz and the decoder could be altered to 16 bit.

The decoder has a DMX signal repeater function which makes this ideal for theatre control where more than one light is needed to be controlled and adjusted.


The cool white LED strip lights paired with the domed profile and control system was a huge success. The lighting project created a glamorous halo that glowed beautifully and created a visually interesting and striking lighting design on the stage.

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