In Recent years LED strip lighting has become increasingly popular in residential and commercial lighting installs due to its functionality and relatively straight forward installation process.

When looking for colour changing LED strip lighting you may come across the terms RGB and RGBW when referring to the LED strips colour changing capabilities.
RGB is a tri-colour LED chip with a Red, Green and Blue diode used to create the full-colour spectrum.

One thing that RGB LED Strip lights and other similar products struggle to do is create a pure warm/cool white as this requires the Red, Green and Blue channels to be exactly the same brightness. This can be difficult to achieve, so to solve this problem RGBW LED strip lights were made available with an additional White diode hence RGBW making it a Quad colour LED chip.

RGBW LED strip lights are ideal for all installations where a single colour white light is required as well as RGB colour changing control is required.

Although if you are only looking for Multi colour Changing LED strip lighting and dont need a pure white light RGB LED Strip Lights work perfectly.

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