24V & 12V LED Strip Lights

When selecting LED strip lighting, voltage is an important factor to take into account.

Both 12V and 24V products can be used in high-end installations however, a 24V LED strip is always preferable to a 12V LED strip when possible.

Current is the rate of flow of electric charge and a higher current will cause a larger strain on an electrical component.

24V LED strips operate at half the current to a 12V alternative with the same wattage and therefore has less of strain on the LED strip than the lower voltage alternative.

Though our Proflex 12V and 24V products are both equipped with a 3 year warranty and feature LED chips of the same Quality, the 24V option operates at a lower current and is better suited to Long term installation.

Another benefit of a 24V LED strip over a 12V alternative would be that the voltage drop is lower with 24V LED strips.

Voltage drop can cause the strip to be brighter at the start of the roll compared to the end.

Although often unnoticeable to the human eye for professional applications like TV and films a higher quality 24V with less of a voltage drop is always preferable.

Though 24V LED strips are the better of the two options, 12V LED strips are often ideal for installation where there is an existing 12V feed like camper vans or Buses.

12V LED strips are also ideal for temporary installations as they often come in at a lower price point making them ideal for Exhibition stands and displays.


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