24V & 12V LED Strip Lights

The predominant differences between 12v and 24v LED strip lights is that 24v strips tend to have a lower voltage drop. They also have longer life spans as they use half the current to 12v alternatives and therefore have less strain on the components. However, 12V strip lights tend to have a lower price point and have smaller intervals between cutting points.

When choosing a LED flexible strip light, it is important to consider the voltage of that strip. Both 12v and 24v LED tape lights can be used for domestic and high end installations. However, depending on the installation, 24v is preferable to 12v strips.

The current is the rate of flow of electric. A higher current will cause a larger strain on electrical components.

24V and 12V LED flexible strip lights both have the same wattage, but the 24v variation operates with half the current. Therefore, there is much less strain on the LED strip and thus is likely to last a lot longer than the 12v alternative.

This means that if you are looking for long term installations, it is advised to chose the 24v striplight as it will not need replacing as regularly as the 12v alternative.

Voltage drop is when the beginning of the LED lighting is brighter than the end. 12V LED light strips tend to have a higher voltage drop compared to the 24v alternative.

Voltage drop is often unnoticeable by the human eye. This means that voltage drop will not be a problem when installed in your home. However, it is recommended to use 24v flexible tape for professional applications such as TV and films where the lighting is going to be filmed.

12V LED strips have their uses especially in installations where there is an existing 12v feed, for example campervans or buses. 12V strips allow a fun and interesting lighting design to be implemented into these places which you wouldn't be able to do with the 24v strip.

Read our case study on using 12v strips for campervans and mobile homes.

12V LED strip lights also have shorter cutting intervals. This is because 12v strips can be cut after every 3 LED chips whereas 24V can only be cut every 6 LED chips. Therefore, if your installation has a lot of corners and intricate shapes, it is useful to have a strip that can be cut at smaller intervals. The strip can then be soldered and fitted perfectly into the corner.

12V LED strips also have a lower price point. They are ideal for short term installations such as exhibition stands or displays without having to pay the price of permanent lighting.

LED Technologies offer a huge range of LED strip lights in both 12v and 24v variations. Achieve the perfect ambience and atmosphere for your space easily.

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