Outdoor Strip Lights

Most designers will be looking to reduce the spotting effects of Flexible LED tape lights. They will be looking for a consistent line of light for a professional finish.

For indoor applications, the solution is simple. Using a strip light that has a higher density of LED chips per metre. The 120 degree beam angle from each chip creates a more consistent hue of light.

For any LED strip light, it is important that the heat emitted from the strip is allowed to dissipate effectively to prevent over heating. Excessive heat can cause damage to the LED light and shorten its life span.

Concealing high powered LED strips that have a lot of LED chips in a silicone seal would cause the strip to overheat. For this reason, waterproof outdoor strip lights are restricted to around 120 LEDs per metre. This however, can result in spotting.

Our solution for this issue is our range of StudioFlex milky white frosted LED strip lights.

These flexible LED lights are coated in a milky white coating that serves to diffuse the light evenly. This perfectly reduces the spotting effects without causing the strip to over heat which makes it perfect for professional outdoor installations.

IP67 LED strip lights are completely protected from dust and are protected against temporary submersion. This makes this strip light perfect for wet and damp environments such as pools, water features or gardens.

Our Milky white StudioFlex range comes in 3 variations.

A cool white with a colour temperature of 5500 - 6500K perfect for bright clinical lighting and achieve beautiful glows.

A warm white with a colour temperature of 2800 - 3300K that achieves a beautiful soft and warm ambience perfect for creating a homely aesthetic.

Finally a RGB option that allows a variety of bright bold colours to be cast. This is perfect for creative and unique lighting effects that you can change to match the mood that you want to create.

Outdoor Strip Lights
Outdoor Strip Lights
Outdoor Strip Lights

All our MW coated strip lights are coated in a high quality IP67 silicone that will not discolour or crack over time. The strips are extremally durable and versatile ensuring that your lighting installation has a long life span and won't need replacing any time soon. They all come with an extensive 5 year warranty for peace of mind.

Outdoor LED strips are easy to install as they feature a durable adhesive backing. This makes mounting the strips easy as long as the surface is smooth and clean. For extra security, the strips can also be installed using mounting clips.

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