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At LED Technologies, we recently transformed a cinema's staircase with our innovative lighting solutions. We used our StudioFlex RGBWW LED Strip (2400-2600K) 24V 150W IP20 for its versatile and superior light quality, creating a welcoming atmosphere for movie-goers. The LED strip provided a perfect blend of colour, enhancing both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

To ensure precise control over the lighting effects, we utilised our Sunricher DMX DIN Mountable 4 Channel DMX Decoder RJ45 with RDM. This decoder allowed seamless integration with the cinema's control systems, enabling dynamic lighting adjustments.

The result was a beautifully illuminated staircase that enhanced the overall cinematic experience for customers as well as employees. This project is one of many examples of our commitment to delivering high-quality lighting solutions that exceed client expectations.

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LED Technologies
LED Technologies
LED Technologies
LED Technologies

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