GREAT NEWS!!! We have just received our latest batch of new Sunricher products so we're now composing the technical write ups so that our IT team can get them onto our website.

Since becoming the sole UK distributor for Sunricher LED Control equipment we have been very busy adding an amazing new range of products to our inventory. We have touch sensitive wall panels, remote control hand sets, ZIGBEE and Z-Wave controllers for home automation, SPI controllers for digital tape products and a new range of intelligent LED drivers. With a comprehensive range of DALI, 0-10v and DMX drivers and control equipment including fully remote controlled lighting we have a solution for most applications from commercial installations such as hotels, restaurants and cinemas to domestic projects. Our professional grade LED tape and our Studio quality DMX decoders are suitable for installation in TV studios for flicker free video recording with no banding.

Sunricher Products

The most exciting and most innovative product from our latest range is our Modular LED Drivers. These are available in 12v and 24v but the best thing is that instead of having to buy a different driver for all the different types of control systems on the market, now you only have to buy one modular driver and the appropriate control module for the input protocol you need. Saving time and money, if you chance your application just get a different module, now that is a Genius product!! And best of all it's only available from us.

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