MarineFlex IP68 Strip Lights

Waterproof LED Strip Lights

We recently had a customer wanting to install LED Ribbon on the steps up towards his B&B that was right on the seafront.

He wanted the LED strip to illuminate the steps leading up to the entrance as visibility is not always the best.

Being by the sea, and being exposed to water very frequently I recommended our MarineFlex Range (Waterproof LED Strip Lights)

The product is IP68 rated and thus fully waterproof and submersible at a depth up to 2 Metres thank's to it's 2 Metre tails pre-soldered tails.

The strip is fully coated in a layer of our resilient silicon and then injected with silicon sealant to make sure the coating is water tight.

3000-3500K rating means the light is a nice warm and ambient white, perfect for the relaxing setting of the installation.

The installation was for cascading stairs up to the B&B which has 3 faces.

Using his measurements we completed a full visual guide for how he would configure the set up.

Set up Guide

We also recomended our new RayTech gel connectors which are an IP68 rated, which keep any exposed links between the circuit completely water tight and worry free from any capillary action threat.

He was very impressed with the complexity of the technology used to protect the products from any exposure, but equally pleased at the ease of installation and the support we offered throughout and after the purchase.

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