LED Strip Lights in a Kitchen

Today a customer enquired about some LED strip light for going around the perimeter of a Kitchen/Lounge shining up against the ceiling.
The customer couldn't decide between Cool White or Warm white LED Strip as both could be used in the area they were using it.
Instead, they decided on the colour temperature adjustable strip.
This is a strip that you can alter the colour temperature from 2800k-6500k using either a hand-held remote or wall panel.

This LED strip is ideal for a kitchen installation as the clinical cool white setting can be used when preparing food.
Then when people are relaxing/watching TV you can change it to a tranquil warm white.

The LED strip that I specified was our Studioflex 24v Version. This LED Strip features 60 x 5050 combined Bi-Colour LED's.

StudioFlex CT AdjustableStudioFlex CT AdjustableStudioFlex CT Adjustable

The LED strip has a IP67 silicone coating meaning that once installed it is protected against damage from dust or water.
It can even be cleaned without damaging the LED's.
It can be cut every 100mm meaning smaller lengths can be made and when you get to a corner a nice clean finish can be made when cutting and soldering around the corner.

There are 2 options for controlling this LED strip, you can either use a wall panel or a remote control.
Both of these options work off a RF frequency so you don't need a line of sight to the receiver and work within 20 metres of the receiver meaning that the controllers can be mounted in a suitable location.

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