Play Area

The specification was for a strip that could be controlled via a remote and had the ability to change colour in a cycles.

I selected 100.160 This RBG Colour changing LED tape (Perfect for LED strip lights for child's play area)

  • The tape is IP67 Rated which means as well as Waterproofing, the Silicone coating also provides a protective layer from any component exposure.
  • LED Strip tape while being very robust and diverse in it's application, can be quite delicate and needs to be handled with care. So instead of explaining that to every group of infants that use the play room, the silicone provides an external protective layer which will prevent it being 'meddled' with and any potential damage that could be caused.
  • The 3 different diodes on the LED Chip can combine to make a multitude of colours with over 16 Million different variations.
  • Pre-soldered tails on both ends make for easy installations as either side of the strip can be utilised without waste excess strip.
  • The high light output means the room is well lit and provides greater visibility which is useful in the case of a child's play area and trip hazards being plentiful.

The installation went ahead that same week, another happy customer.

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