LED Technologies Exhibition Vampire Vape Stand Lighting

With the exhibition industry back and as busy as ever, here are our compact display lights and long arm exhibition lights used on this stand. This Exhibition Display Stand for Vampire Vape used our White 30W Compact Display Lights and White 21W Exhibition Display Lights.

The compact display lights feature an adjustable bracket and has a 45° beam angle allowing you to really highlight your displays/points of interest.

Our long arm exhibition lights feature a 110° beam angle and can work with a variety of attachments allowing the light to be attached to many popular exhibition stand systems to give a bright cool wash of light where you need it.

What LED lighting products were used?

  1. Lightweight and easy to use, our superb 30w Compact Display Lights are an ideal product for installation in retail outlets, car showrooms and commercial environments such as reception and product display areas. They are also very popular for general illumination of exhibition stands and for highlighting products and features within the stand. The cool white light also doesn't discolour graphics.
  2. These superb Long Arm Exhibition Light produces a bright wash of cool white light that can be adjusted according to where the light is required. With the inclusion of a built in driver there is no need for a bulky external driver, simply plug the unit into a suitable mains supply using the included mains lead with fitted plug top and you are ready to go.

If you have any questions or queries about the LED lighting used on this installation, call our Sales Team today for more information on 01260 540014.

The finished project

LED Technologies Exhibition Vampire Vape Stand Lighting 1
LED Technologies Exhibition Vampire Vape Stand Lighting 2
LED Technologies Exhibition Vampire Vape Stand Lighting 3
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