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Philips LED Luminaire licencing program

Led Technologies is part of the Philips LED Luminaire licencing program.

LED Technologies pays a royalty to Philips for each relevant LED product we sell because Philips have a number of Patents with LED and the method of driving the Led’s.  Their patents cover 90% of the items we sell. If you do not purchase LED’s from a licenced company you may be at some point be approached by Philips for back-dated Royalties. Philips can claim royalties from each facet of the sale. For example if a hotel purchases LED’s they are liable to pay Philips directly a royalty and the trade company will also have to pay a royalty. This can be backdated up to 8 years.

By purchasing from LED technologies you can rest assured we are part of the program and you will be 100% covered. To see the list of registered companies go to http://www.ip.philips.com/licensing/program/100/led-based-luminaires-and-retrofit-bulbs/licensee_overview

LED Technologies offers on many products a comprehensive 3 year warranty and you can rest assured that our products are fully licenced and supported.