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MiBoxer Smart LED Mini Downlighters

Remote Control | Dimmable | Single Colour | Temperature Adjustable | RGB | RGBW

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Our range of Smart Mini Downlighters from Mi-Light MiBoxer are bright, ceiling mountable luminaires which are suitable for installation in many applications due to the wide variety and IP66 Waterproof rating. The fittings are supplied with simple plug and play Male & Female connectors and they can be installed individually or as part of a larger group of luminaires. With 3W LED's in Single Colour, Dual White, RGB & RGBW, the downlighters are both bright and stylish.

A Fantastic Range of Smart LED Mini Downlighters

Available in Single Colour, Dual White, RGB, and RGBW

At the touch of a button, instantly brighten up your settings with our stunning mini Downlighters, available in a Single Colour (Warm White), Dual White (Cool white to Warm White adjustable), RGB (Your standard mix of RGB Colours) and RGBW by simply mixing in the white LEDs with the colour adjustment slider on your controller.

Mi-Light MiBoxer LED Downlighters
  1. FUT072
    FUT072 MiBoxer 18W Anti-glare RGB+CCT LED Downlight
  2. FUT071
    FUT071 MiBoxer 12W Anti-glare RGB+CCT LED Downlight
  3. FUT070
    FUT070 MiBoxer 6W Anti-glare RGB+CCT LED Downlight
  4. FUT069
    FUT069 MiBoxer 15W RGB+CCT LED Downlight
  5. FUT068
    FUT068 MiBoxer 6W RGB+CCT LED Downlight
  6. FUT066
    FUT066 MiBoxer 12W RGB+CCT LED Downlight
  7. FUT065
    FUT065 MiBoxer 18W RGB+CCT LED Downlight
  8. FUT064
    FUT064 MiBoxer 9W RGB+CCT Square LED Downlight

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