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RGB+CCT LED Wall Washer Lights

Supports RDM Functions | Optional Dimming Curve | IP66 Waterproof

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With numerous professional features our MiLight MiBoxer range of Wall Washers include batons with DMX512 protocols that can be controlled by any DMX512 controller. The MiLight batons can be installed individually or linked together with other batons as required either indoors or outdoors with their IP66 rating. Each baton has a mains power input cable and a DMX input cable at one end and a DMX out cable at the opposite end of the baton enabling them to be linked together as required.

Full RGB+CCT LED Wall Washers

Enjoy the full cycle of the RGB+CCT colour variants

Our LED Wall Washers from Mi-Light incorporates RGB+CCT LED's giving a bright 24W, 48W or 72W colour wash with millions of colour combinations including a colour temperature adjustment from warm to cool white. Designed to be controlled by a Mi-Light Handset, Wall Panel or smartphone application the baton is very bright with a slim, compact design.

High Functioning Controls

A whole host of professional features

This IP66 rated RGB+CCT LED Wall Washer from Mi-Light incorporates a whole host of professional features. Designed to be controlled by DMX512 Protocols from your DMX desk, Wall Panel or PC (with DMX software installed), this bright, slimline LED baton is RDM compatible and can be installed indoors or outdoors. The power input together with DMX in & out connections enables multiple batons to be connected together.

Mi-Light MiBoxer Wall Washers
  1. RL248
    RL248 MiBoxer 48W RGB+CCT LED Wall Washer
  2. RL124
    RL124 MiBoxer 24W RGB+CCT LED Wall Washer
  3. D5W72
    D5W72 MiBoxer 72W RGB+CCT DMX LED Wall Washer