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RGB+CCT Smart LED Spot Lumenaires

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Garden Lights Collage

Our Mi-Light remote-controlled, colour changing Garden Light can be wirelessly operated using a Mi-Light remote control handset or wall panel. Capable of producing a fantastic range of colour combinations plus an adjustable warm to cool white option, this bright but compact garden light can be combined with additional garden lights to expand your system as required. View our blog on the new Mi-Light Mi-Boxer Smart LED Garden Light Set.

Mix a fantastic range of colours all from your remote control

All of our Mi-Light MiBoxer LED Garden Lights are RGB + CCT

At the touch of a button, the fixtures can switch from stunning vibrant colours to your choice of whites and pastel colours like baby pink, sky blue, magic mint, peach, periwinkle, and lavender to name a few, plus many more by simply mixing in the white LEDs with the colour adjustment sliders on your controllers. If you would like some movement of colour, built-in programs in the controller will fade or pulse through the colours smoothly to create an ever changing movement of colour.

Colour Temperature Adjustable

Enjoy a cool and warm white

If you prefer a more subtle approach, white LED’s can be selected, giving control from warm white in the 2700K region to cool white 6500K producing the exact colour combination you want enabling you to get the most out of your lighting.

30m Mode Synchronization

High-quality features ensure the best experience

The MiLight LED Garden Lights come with exciting synchronising features as long as one of the fixtures in the group is within 30m they will all synchronise together giving a stunning colour changing wash of colour to your outdoor features.

Mi-Light MiBoxer LED Garden Lights
  1. FUTC07
    FUTC07 MiBoxer 100W RGB+CCT LED Flood Light
  2. FUTC06
    FUTC06 MiBoxer 50W RGB+CCT LED Flood Light
  3. FUTC09
    FUTC09 MiBoxer 18W RGB+CCT Smart LED Garden Light
  4. FUTC08A
    FUTC08A MiBoxer RGB+CCT Smart LED Garden Light Set
  5. FUTC05
    FUTC05 MiBoxer 25W RGB+CCT Smart LED Garden Light
  6. FUTC04
    FUTC04 MiBoxer 6W RGB+CCT Smart LED Garden Light
  7. FUTC02
    FUTC02 MiBoxer 9W RGB+CCT Smart LED Garden Light