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Professional ProFlex 24V Red LED Strip Lights

LED Technologies offer high-quality 24v LED red lights strip. These are beautifully bright strips that will shine a gorgeous light across your space with a high output. They feature a vivid and consistent light, which makes them a perfect addition to your lighting system.

Our red-coloured LED lights are also fully dimmable. This gives you control over the brightness of your strips from 0-100%. The smooth dimming is perfect for adjusting the light levels throughout the day for your specific needs.

We have both waterproof and non-waterproof variations available. ..

The non-waterproof strip lights have an IP rating of IP20. This indicates it is protected from touching but has no protection against water. Therefore, they are only suitable for indoor dry environments.

The waterproof strips however feature an IP67 rating. The 6 stands for protection against solid objects such as dust. The 7 stands for protection against temporary submersion. The test for this is between 15cm and 1m and of a duration of 30 minutes.

These water-resistant LED strip lights have a durable silicone sealant that encases the entire circuit board. This protects your strip lights from water ingress when placed in damp environments. The silicone is very high-quality, ensuring that it will not crack or discolour over time. Your LED strip will look precisely how they were installed for many years.

Red LED strip lights are an energy-efficient alternative to traditional lighting methods such as halogen lighting. LED chips consume significantly less power which will in turn save you money on your energy bills. Furthermore, LED lighting has significantly longer life spans, ensuring that you will not need to replace your lighting regularly.

The ProFlex range is a professional-grade lighting solution. These provide a high-quality LED lighting solution for your lighting installation. They offer a consistent and bright colour that will ensure that your space is beautifully lit up in a stylish colour.

Our 24 volt LED coloured lights are perfect for both indoor and outdoor installation, providing you choose the appropriate IP rating.

LED red tape can be applied in a huge amount of innovative methods. A popular method of installation is to simply install along the walls, skirting boards or outlining doors and windows. This creates a wide wash of light across the space. In outdoor applications, the strips can be mounted upon the fences or garden walls including the building.

For a more subtle effect, another popular method is to install the strip lights behind or underneath furniture. This could include tables, chairs, mirrors or shelves creating an elegant glow of light. This is perfect for creating a delicate ambience.

24v red LED strip lights can also be used to cast light upon focal points. This could include trees, water fountains or statues. The light emitted from the strips will shine off the highlights, embellishing the beautiful details of the feature elegantly.

Waterproof strip lights are not limited to outdoor use, however. They are ideal products for home decorative lighting installations where your lighting may get touched or wet regularly. For example, in children's bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms where a protective barrier for your lights is required.

Both non-waterproof and waterproof strip lights can be used in other areas of your home. For example, in living rooms, bedrooms and hallways, achieving a modern lighting design.

LED coloured lights for rooms are also perfect for commercial lighting applications. The strong output of colour ensures a reliable and high-quality light effect. They can be used in a huge amount of spaces, including offices, hotels, restaurants and retail outlets.

The red colouring of these strips makes them particularly ideal for entertainment establishments such as arcades, theatres or bars. It offers a beautiful red light output that will shine brilliantly for a splash of colour. This will help you achieve a fun and playful atmosphere.

The high-rated IP strips are best for public installations as it is highly likely that they will get touched regularly and need to be cleaned every day. The barrier ensures there is protection against touching and cleaning materials to make sure your strips maintain their long life span.


All of our single-colour LED strip lights are extremely easy to install. Most of our strips feature a high-quality 3m self-adhesive tape backing. This makes installation a case of sticking your LED strips to the chosen surface.

Make certain that the surface is smooth and dust free. Peel back the protective paper and stick the strip onto the surface.

While it is unlikely your strip lights will fall off, there are fixing clips provided. This will give you peace of mind and extra security.

The strip lights can be cut on the cutting points to create bespoke lengths. This will ensure a professional finish on your installation.

For a professional finish, however, the LED tape lighting can be mounted in LED profiles. Profiles offer a wealth of benefits, including diffusing light and prolonging the life of your strips. Choose from flat, deep, recessed, angled or walkover profiles for a wider choice of installations.

We even offer a tubular LED profile that will enable your strip light to be hung stylishly from the ceiling. It will create the look of a fluorescent tube light creating a perfect alternative.

Read our helpful case study on why we advise using LED profiles

Your strips then need an LED driver to provide a suitable power supply. We offer a huge range of LED power supplies for every variation of strip lights. Therefore it is important to choose the most appropriate driver. Our useful blog can help you determine which driver you require.

LED Technologies also offer a huge range of control options such as RF, DMX, and Z-WAVE to name a few. These give you options to remotely control your lighting. This includes wall panels, dimmer switches, handsets or even through your smart home automation network. Browse through our Sunricher range to find the best LED control protocol for your installation.

When installing waterproof LED strip lights, it is important to keep the whole circuit water-tight. We offer gel waterproof connector boxes that will ensure that your wires remain waterproof. The junction box is also suitable to be used in conjunction with our fast latch connectors making wiring simple. Read our helpful guide on installing LED waterproof lights.

Specialists are in-house to advise and specify the more advanced solutions.

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