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CCT Waterproof LED Strip Lights

LED Technologies stock this amazing CCT adjustable LED strip light. Featuring Warm White and Cool White channels that you can easily adjust between.

These waterproof LED lights feature an amazing IP67 rating. The 6 stands for protection against solid objects such as dust. The 7 stands for protection against temporary submersion. The test for this is between 15cm and 1m and of a duration of 30 minutes. ..

These water resistant LED strip lights have a durable silicone sealant that encases the entire circuit board. This protects your strip lights from water ingress when placed in damp environments. The silicone is very high quality, ensuring that it will not crack or discolour over time. Your green LED strip will look exactly how they were installed for many years.

The light emitted from these CCT LED strips are a beautiful Cool White and Warm White.

Warm White is a gorgeous soft colouring that is perfect for installations that require a homely aesthetic. It has a comforting and relaxing aura that is perfect for a range of places such as hotels or your home.

On the other hand, Cool White has a brilliantly bright light output that is ideal for functional task lighting. It is a clear and crisp light that produces a sleek and professional look.

These LED strips are also fully dimmable, ensuring you have full control over the brightness of your lighting fixtures. This gives you the ability to truly match the mood and atmosphere you require.

LED Warm and Cool White strips are a perfect alternative to traditional lighting fixtures. This is because they consume significantly less power which will save you money on energy bills. They also waste significantly less energy. This ensures that the majority of the power inputted into the fixture will be transformed into light rather than heat.

LED lighting also feature an extremally long life span. This ensures that you will not need to replace your LED lighting often. Your lighting design will look exactly how you intended for many years, with little maintenance.

StudioFlex is a premium grade range that is designed to provide professional products for high demanding projects. They are built using a high quality PCB, paired with a high CRI rating and LED's per metre. StudioFlex is the perfect choice for high end applications.

There are many creative and innovative methods that White LED strips can be installed.

The high IP rating of these colour temperature adjustable lights will make them exquisite garden lights. Installed along fences, sheds or garden walls will create a wide blanket of light across the entire space. For a more subtle lighting design, strip lights can be mounted behind furniture such as tables, chairs or wall art. This creates an elegant halo, perfect for ambient lighting.

They will make amazing outdoor deck lights to brighten your space. Installed creatively on steps, hand rails or the sides. The bright LED decking lights will bring a contemporary and stylish white light to your decking area.

Outdoor light strips can also be used to cast light upon focal points. This can include trees, statues or water features such as water falls or water fountains. It will shine off the highlights and create stunning shadows that will really show off the beautiful details of the features.

Cool White and Warm White LED strip lights are not limited to outdoor use however. They are perfect for indoor lighting such as living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms.

They are particularly useful for kitchen dining rooms due to the adjustable colour temperature. A bright Cool White can be selected for cooking to provide enough light to work in. It can then be adjusted to Warm White to eat and relax.

The protection and high quality of these strips also make them perfect for commercial applications. Especially where they may get knocked or touched regularly. This could include hotels, restaurants or retail outlets where a beautiful white light is required.

Installation of these strip lights in hotels rooms is a perfect lighting solution. It allows your guests to choose the best lighting for their preferences. It will embellish and increase customer satisfaction, ensuring they have a comfortable and relaxing stay.


All of our colour changing LED strip lights are extremely easy to install. Most of our strips feature a high quality 3m self adhesive tape backing. This makes installation a case of sticking your LED strips to the chosen surface.

Make certain that the surface is smooth and dust free. Peel back the protective paper and stick the strip on to the surface.

While it is unlikely your strip lights will fall off, there are fixing clips provided. This will give you peace of mind and extra security.

The strip lights can be cut on the cutting points to create bespoke lengths. This will ensure a professional finish on your installation.

For a professional finish however, the LED tape lighting can be mounted in LED profiles. Profiles offer a wealth of benefits, including diffusing light and prolonging the life of your strips. Choose from flat, deep, recessed, angled or walkover profiles for a wider choice of installations.
We even offer a tubular LED profile that will enable your strip light to be hung stylishly from the ceiling. It will create the look of a fluorescent tube light creating a perfect energy efficient alternative.

Read our helpful case study on why we advise using LED profiles

Your strips then need an LED driver to provide a suitable power supply. We offer a huge range of LED power supply for every variation of strip lights. Therefore it is important to choose the most appropriate driver. Our useful blog can help you determine which driver you require.

LED Technologies also offer a huge range of control options such as RF, DMX, and Z-WAVE to name a few. These give you options to remotely control your lighting. This includes wall panels, dimmer switches, handsets or even through your smart home automation network. Browse through our Sunricher range to find the best LED control protocol for your installation.

When installing waterproof LED strip lights, it is important to keep the whole circuit water tight. We offer gel waterproof connector boxes that will ensure that your wires remain waterproof. The junction box is also suitable to be used in conjunction with our fast latch connectors making wiring simple. Read our helpful guide on installing LED waterproof lights.

Specialists in house to advise and specify the more advanced solutions.

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