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Pixel LED Strip Light Kit

Standard LED strips are able to dim and colour change with each pixel following the same command. LED pixel strips have the ability to individually address pixels to create more complex effects. These effects are often used for practical effects in productions as well as in bars and nightclubs.

Supplied with an RF remote control, this pixel light strip can achieve 99 different pre-programmed modes, in which the speed and length can be adjusted. Along side 29 static colours, a full range of effects can be effortlessly achieved.

This pixel light strip kit comes with 5m of pixel tape, an LED driver and a RF remote control.

This pixel strip light features a IP65 gel coating that can withstand temporary exposure to water. These are suitable for both interioror and exterior lighting designs, perfect for light shows and productions. The LED pixel strip light can be cut to length and extended using additional kits. Provided there is a power supply every 5 metres the kits can be daisy chained in lengths up to 50 metres.

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