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LED tape is a flexible LED strip that has many applications and can be fitted in kitchens, bathrooms or bedrooms as under cupboard lighting. It is available in a number of colours including white light such as warm white or cool white and also various single colours.

Products such as RGB LED strips or RGBW LED Strips are all colour changing LEDs that have millions of colour combinations with or without a white light...

We have a large range of LED Strips of various types with different power outputs from 4.8w /m up to our brightest LED tape at 33w /m.

We also have a wide range of colour control products for our LED lighting including RF remote controlsDALIDMXBluetoothZIGBEE and Z-Wave.

LED tape is available in different voltages, the most common is 12v and 24v DC. 24v tape is a more professional product and there is a minimal voltage drop over the length of tape. 24v tape would always be our first choice to recommend to our customers.

We also stock a special 36v strip which can be connected together in lengths of up to 30m or 3 x 10m rolls with a driver at one end.

12v or 24v LED tape can only be connected together in 5m lengths and cannot be linked together with a driver at one end, it should be connected in parallel back to the driver.

Note: If the LED strip is connected together in longer lengths than the recommended length for the product, it can overload the tape causing it to prematurely fail.

There is an exception to this rule with our 36v tape mentioned before and we also have a long length version of our RGBW tape which is supplied in 10m rolls.

The IP20 LED tape is for indoor use and can be used as ambient lighting in ceiling lanterns and coffers, it is flexible and can bend and be cut to size as needed. Our bright LED strip lights are good for colour washing a wall or room feature and our outdoor LED strip lights are IP67 & IP68 rated so can be mounted on the outside of a building.

We stock a large range of indoor or outdoor LED strips including:

  • Single colour LED tape
  • Dual white Colour Temperature adjustable LED tape
  • Colour changing RGB LED tape
  • RGBW LED tape (colour changing with white)
  • Ultra violet (UV) LED tape
  • High CRI LED tape
  • Super bright LED tape lights

LED strips are supplied in various grades, we stock a budget grade product called Lifestyle and commercial grade products in our ProFlex and StudioFlex range.


Lifestyle LED products have a one year warranty and are ideal for exhibitions where the product is used for a few days and then thrown away. It is also good for lighting in cupboards or shelving where a high-grade tape is not needed. Lifestyle is available in IP20 (uncoated) or IP65 (splash-proof).


This is a high grade LED strip for projects where a bright, high-quality light is required. ProFlex LED Strip has a good CRI rating and high-quality LEDs and components, we offer a three-year warranty on this range.


StudioFlex is our best quality LED strip, it features the highest quality components that are mounted on a thick PCB board and it is supplied with a five-year warranty. StudioFlex has been used on many high profile installations and it is an ideal choice for TV and Film projects where high quality and reliable products are demanded.

As well as the above products, there are various specialist products;

  • NeoLed is an LED strip with a continuous single COB LED.
  • Marine flex is our IP68 submergible tape, suitable for underwater applications.
  • Model flex is 5mm wide, perfect for projects where there are space restrictions.
  • Milky coated tape helps to diffuse the light coming from the tape as it has an opaque coating instead of a clear coating.
  • The Limelight series includes U.V. and RGB with U.V.

Limelight is perfect for clubs or bars with true blacklight UV of 495nm, it also has the added benefit of colour changing which can create some interesting effects. when back-lighting bars and dance floor areas.

Our LED products can be found in restaurants, hotels, TV studios and films sets. Our outdoor colour changing LED strip lights is used on the outside of buildings creating a stunning colourful effect.

Our professional-grade LED Strips have a high-quality genuine 3M sticky backing for fixing it into place and all our strips can be mounted into our range of aluminium profiles. LED profiles are great for mounting LED tape into as they provides a neat and tidy finish and they help to diffuse the light from the LED's helping to reduce pixilation. Profiles also protect the tape from damage and help to keep it clean by reducing the amount of dust and dirt that can accumulate on the LED Tape.

Our company has a great reputation for supplying quality products. We help and advise our customers to specify the right product to make sure they get the best out of our lighting. We are well known for our pre and post-sales technical support.

For more information about our lighting products call our technical sales team by phone, email or live chat.

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  1. 101.205
    NeoLED Dark Pink 24V 8mm Single COB LED Strip Light
  2. 101.180
    Limelight Dynamic Purple LED Strip Light 90W
  3. proset2
    Proflex Colour Temperature Adjustable Bundle (IP67)
  4. 101.206
    NeoLED RGB 24V 10mm Single COB LED Strip Light
  5. 101.204
    NeoLED Orange 595-605nm 24V 8mm Single COB LED Strip Light
  6. 101.203
    NeoLED Blue 455-465nm 24V 8mm Single COB LED Strip Light
  7. 101.202
    NeoLED Green 520-530nm 24V 8mm Single COB LED Strip Light
  8. 101.201
    NeoLED Red 620-630nm 24V 8mm Single COB LED Strip Light
  9. 101.199
    NeoLED Natural White (4750 - 5250K) 24V 8mm Single COB LED Strip Light
  10. 101.197
    NeoLED Warm White (2850 - 3150K) 24V 8mm Single COB LED Strip Light
  11. 101.196
    NeoLED Warm White (2600 - 2800K) 24V 8mm Single COB LED Strip Light
  12. 101.186
    StudioFlex 10mtr RGB Natural White LED Strip 24V 130W IP20
  13. 101.185
    ProFlex 10mtr RGB Natural White LED Strip 24V 172W IP20
  14. 100.951
    StudioFlex RGB Cool/Warm White CRI95+ (2400-2600K & 6000-6500K) LED Strip - 24V 100W IP20
  15. 101.158
    ProFlex Natural White LED Strip 4900-5100K LED Strip 24V 38W IP20
  16. proset1
    ProFlex RGBCW Bundle (Indoor IP20)
  17. 100.705
    StudioFlex CT Adjustable LED Strip 2700-6500K 24V CRI 90 IP20
  18. 101.143
    NeoLED Warm White (2200-2400K) 24V 10mm Single COB LED Strip Light
  19. 101.144
    NeoLED Warm White (2600-2800K) 24V 10mm Single COB LED Strip Light
  20. 101.145
    NeoLED Warm White (2900-3100K) 24V 10mm Single COB LED Strip Light
  21. 101.146
    NeoLED Natural White (3900-4100K) 24V 10mm Single COB LED Strip Light
  22. 101.149
    StudioFlex RGBNW LED Strip Light - 24V 150W IP67
  23. 100.689
    StudioFlex Daylight White LED Strip 4000-4500K 24V 204 LED'S /M
  24. 101.122
    Snap-O-LED™ 100mm 4000K 24v CRI90
  25. 101.140
    StudioFlex Warm White LED Strip 2600-2800K 48W
  26. 101.139
    StudioFlex Natural White LED Strip 3900-4100K - 24V 120 LED'S /M
  27. 101.138
    StudioFlex Warm White LED Strip 2900-3100K - 24V 120 LED'S /M
  28. 101.137
    StudioFlex Warm White LED Strip 2600-2800K - 24V 120 LED'S /M
  29. 101.136
    StudioFlex Warm White LED Strip 2200-2400K - 24V 120 LED'S /M
  30. 101.120
    ProFlex Natural White LED Strip 3900-4100K 24V 38W IP20
  31. 101.121
    ProFlex Natural White LED Strip 3900-4100K 24V 23W IP20
  32. 100.971
    StudioFlex CT Adjustable LED Strip CRI 90 2800-6500K 24V 96W IP20
  33. 100.966
    StudioFlex CT Adjustable LED Strip 2800-6500K 24V 96W IP20 CRI>90
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What Else Do I Need To Install My LED Strip Lights?

Like any lighting product LED strip lighting requires additional components to complete the installation. The products will differ between products depending on the spec of LED strip being used. Below is a brief introduction to the products you will 

LED Drivers

Low voltage LED strip lights must be supplied with the correct voltage by an LED power supply Typically 12 / 24V. It is important to specify a power supply with a suitable voltage and wattage for the LED tape you are using.

Controllers For LED Strip Lights

Colour changing and dimming will require compatible control products to adjust the light output of the LED strip. This can be done using many different control systems, each suited to different types of projects. As a company, we stock a full range of control products for use with our extensive range of LED strips. This range includes both hardwired and wireless protocol including DMX, DALI, Zigbee and many more.

Aluminium Extrusion / LED Profile For LED Strip

LED profiles act as a protective housing for strip lighting and have both practical and aesthetic benefits. One of which is a profile's ability to soften or eliminate the spotting effects produced by the individual diodes. This is often preferable when installing as it produces a more even hue of light. 

Extrusions also act as a heat sink to dissipate heat away from the LED strip, high powered LED strips must be installed within a profile to prevent overheating. With a range of specialist products in stock, we have profiles to suit a full range of projects.

LED Strip Accessories

Components within a lighting install must be connected through the use of cables and connectors. As a company, we keep a wide large stock of accessories for use with our extensive range of LED strip lighting. This range of products includes waterproof connectors, Clips and terminal blocks to simplify your lighting install.

For further information and technical support be sure to contact one of our specialists on 01260 540 253.