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The Best LED Strip Lighting Solutions

The Best LED Strip Lighting Solutions

LED Strips, LED Tape and LED Neon are all flexible lighting products that can be included in your lighting installation. They create many different effects from a subtle halo of light to a bright, colour changing wash, highlighting your walls, ceilings and other room features. LED strips are low voltage, making them an ideal product for your kitchen and bathroom as it is bright enough for lighting under your cupboards and mirrors or subtle enough for kickboards, over cupboards and wardrobes.

LED Strips are very popular for lighting up ceiling lanterns and coffers as it has the advantage of flexibility, bending to suit your needs. It can also be cut to size (at various cutting points) so can be adapted to suit many installations limited only by your imagination.

LED Technologies are experts in flexible lighting products, stocking one of the widest ranges of LED Strips in the UK. As an established company, we have a great reputation for both the quality of our products and our technical expertise, helping our customers specify the right product for their projects and offering an excellent after-sales and technical support service.

Whether you need an LED Strip for your home installation or commercial project, we are sure to have an energy-efficient lighting solution that will fit your project demands. LED Strip Lights are also a great direct replacement for your standard household light bulb.

We stock a large range of products, including single colour, adjustable colour temperature and colour changing (RGB, RGBW & RGB+CCT) LED lights, in power outputs from 4.8w per mtr up to 33w per mtr on our Duo-Flex double-width tape.

Our LED Strips are supplied with various LED chips per mtr options from 60 x LED’s per mtr up to our single COB LED Strip which has a pixel-free 528 x LEDs per mtr.

Our Limelight series of LED Strips include Ultra-Violet (UV) and RGB with UV which is perfect for clubs and bars offering true black light of 495nm.

Our products can be found on many high profile installations from restaurants, clubs, TV studios, films sets and externally on buildings and other outdoor features with the use of our outdoor lighting products.

Our range of LED Strips include waterproof (IP67 rated), submergible (IP68 rated), and uncoated LED Strips.

Our LED Strips have a high-quality 3m peelable sticky backing for fixing the strip into place.

We also offer a wide range of control solutions for our LED lighting products including RF remote controls, DALI, DMX, Bluetooth, ZIGBEE & Z-Wave.

For more information on how we can help you with your LED products please call our technical sales team, email or contact us via live chat.
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  1. 101.150
    ProFlex RGB LED Strip 12V 72W IP67
  2. 101.135
    Lifestyle Daylight White LED Strip 12V 72W IP65
  3. 101.112
    SideWinder Cool White LED Letter Bendable Strip 5000-5500K
  4. 101.111
    SideWinder Natural White LED Letter Bendable Strip 4000-4500K
  5. 100.956
    Lifestyle Excellence RGB LED Strip 12V 72W IP20
  6. 100.928
    ModelFlex Orange LED Strip 605-610NM
  7. 100.927
    ModelFlex Blue LED Strip 460-465NM
  8. 100.926
    ModelFlex Green LED Strip 520-525NM
  9. 100.925
    ModelFlex Red LED Light Strip 620-625NM
  10. 100.924
    ModelFlex Daylight White LED Strip 4000/4500K
  11. 100.923
    ModelFlex Warm White LED Strip 2900/3100K
  12. 100.617
    Ultra Thin Cool White LED Light Bar 1.5W 12V IP67
  13. 100.674
    Lifestyle Cool White LED Strip 12V 24W IP65
  14. 100.651
    Lifestyle Warm White LED Strip 12V 72W IP65
  15. 100.650
    Lifestyle Blue LED Strip 12V 72W IP65
  16. 100.649
    Lifestyle Green LED Strip 12V 72W IP65
  17. 100.648
    Lifestyle Red LED Strip 12V 72W IP65
  18. 100.494
    ProFlex Pink LED Strip 12V 24W IP67
  19. 101.191
    ModelFlex RGB LED Strip
  20. 100.774
    Lifestyle Orange LED Strip 12V 24W IP20
  21. 100.638
    Lifestyle Excellence RGB LED Strip 12V 72W IP65
  22. 100.637
    Lifestyle Cool White LED Strip 12V 72W IP65
  23. 100.579
    ProFlex Natural White LED Strip 4000-4500K 12V 24W IP67
  24. 100.571
    SideWinder Letter Bendable RGB LED Strip - 12V 60W IP20
  25. 100.558
    Lifestyle Blue LED Strip 12V 24W IP20
  26. 100.557
    Lifestyle Green LED Strip 12V 24W IP20
  27. 100.556
    Lifestyle Red LED Strip 12V 24W IP20
  28. 100.568
    SideWinder Cool White LED Letter Bendable Strip 6000-6500K
  29. 100.252
    ProFlex Cool White LED Strip 5700-6500K 12V 24W IP67
  30. 100.613
    SideWinder Cool White LED Strip 6000-6500K - Letter Bendable Flex (HB) High Brightness
  31. 100.580
    ProFlex Cool White LED Strip 5000-6000K 12V 24W IP67
  32. 100.729
    SideWinder Red LED Letter Bendable Strip 12V
  33. 100.706
    ProFlex Cool White LED Strip for Modelmaking 12V IP20
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What Else Do I Need To Install My LED Strip Lights?

Like any lighting product LED strip lighting requires additional components to complete the installation. The products will differ between products depending on the spec of LED strip being used. Below is a brief introduction to the products you will 

LED Drivers

Low voltage LED strip lights must be supplied with the correct voltage by an LED power supply Typically 12 / 24V. It is important to specify a power supply with a suitable voltage and wattage for the LED tape you are using.

Controllers For LED Strip Lights

Colour changing and dimming will require compatible control products to adjust the light output of the LED strip. This can be done using many different control systems, each suited to different types of projects. As a company, we stock a full range of control products for use with our extensive range of LED strips. This range includes both hardwired and wireless protocol including DMX, DALI, Zigbee and many more.

Aluminium Extrusion / LED Profile For LED Strip

LED profiles act as a protective housing for strip lighting and have both practical and aesthetic benefits. One of which is a profile's ability to soften or eliminate the spotting effects produced by the individual diodes. This is often preferable when installing as it produces a more even hue of light. 

Extrusions also act as a heat sink to dissipate heat away from the LED strip, high powered LED strips must be installed within a profile to prevent overheating. With a range of specialist products in stock, we have profiles to suit a full range of projects.

LED Strip Accessories

Components within a lighting install must be connected through the use of cables and connectors. As a company, we keep a wide large stock of accessories for use with our extensive range of LED strip lighting. This range of products includes waterproof connectors, Clips and terminal blocks to simplify your lighting install.

For further information and technical support be sure to contact one of our specialists on 01260 540 253.