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5 Step Easy Installation - Plug & Play LED Strip Kits

Everyone has seen and loves the effects achieved from LED strip lighting, but attaining these results isn’t as easy as changing a light bulb. Full strip installations do take some technical know-how, but Plug & Play LED strip kits can make implementing far easier. So, How to fit plug and play LED strip kits is being answered here today.

Normal strip light requires wiring meaning some electrical skill or an electrician is needed, obviously adding difficultly and cost. LED strip kits take these two barriers away. As the description states, you can simply plug in the strip kit and play. Everything needed to create stunning mood lighting is included in the kit.

Installing Plug & Play LED Strip Kits only takes 5 minutes and has five simple steps

STEP 1: Insert the power jack into the LED strip jack

STEP 4: Press the inline power switch to turn your LED Strips On & Off

STEP 2: Carefully peel back the 3M adhesive, only stick to flat, clean & dry surfaces

STEP 5: Enjoy your LED Lighting

STEP 3 - Plug the UK mains into a 240v socket

Contact our expert technical team if assistance is required