LED Accent Lighting for Your Home

Indoor strip LED lights are an amazing solution for accent lighting to create a beautiful and sleek lighting design. Accent LED lighting achieves dramatic changes to your space, brightening the space and opening it up.

Feature lighting can be achieved in any room such as living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, hallways or bedrooms.

Accent lighting can serve as either functional lighting or mood lighting.

Functional lighting has a practical use, for example lighting a table or workspaces. They often serve as main light sources. LED light strips are perfect for this use, especially paired with LED profiles.

Using white LED flexible tape lights are perfect for functional lighting. LED Technologies offer a wide range of white LED so that you can achieve the perfect atmosphere that you require for your space. Cool White lighting is particularly useful for main sources of light as it is bright and clear perfect for working in.

However, warm white lighting is a softer lighting effect that may be more beneficial for home lighting such as living room LED lighting. It creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere to relax in.

Have a look at our colour temperature slider to see the effects of colour temperatures in use.

To achieve functional lighting, strip lights can be installed as ceiling lights or wall mounted. They will cast a wide wash of light onto the space that are a perfect alternative to pendant lights, wall sconces and other traditional light fittings.

LED Accent Lighting for Your Home

Mood lighting is mostly used for decorative designs. You can use LED strip lights to create different moods or feelings to your space. You can easily do this with our dimmable strip lights.

We offer a huge range of LED strip lights that can enable you to create a variety of moods. From single colour to RGBW strips, we can make your lighting designs come to life.

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With accent lighting, you can draw attention to specific elements by shining additional lights.

There are countless places that you can install Flexible LED strip lights. Furniture can be tastefully brightened such as sofas, chairs, tables and screens. Placing strip lights behind objects achieves a beautiful halo that shines out in a unique lighting design.

This effect can also be achieved on shelves or cabinets. The lights can be hidden and create a glow of light that focuses the light. Shelf lighting is perfect for casting light upon the objects placed upon it whether that is artwork, keepsakes, books or memorabilia.

They are perfect for lighting up beautiful features in your home such as statues or wall art. They can illuminate and embellish the pieces in a bright light. LED tape is perfect for this, they can be installed in magnifying LED profiles to further focus light exactly where you want it.

They can even create ambient lighting on stairs. Install the LED under the hand rails or under each step to glamorously light them up. LED lights are perfect for creating stunning modern lighting in your smart home.

LED Accent Lighting for Your Home

There are a selection of control protocols that make controlling your LED accent lighting effortless. There are wall panels or handsets that will enable you to remotely control your LEDs. A few control systems even allow the smart lights to be controlled by Philips hue, Alexa and Google hubs. This will let you control your lights through voice control.

They are also extremally easy to install. Read our case study on how to install LED Strip lights.

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