Compact Display Lights

Today we were contacted by a company to discuss our Compact LED lights. They had attended an exhibition at the NEC where our display lights were being used. We sent them a single unit to try. Good luck to Julian, I'm sure you will find them perfect for your exhibition stand!

Our LED exhibition lights are the LED alternative to traditional halogen or metal halide lights that are used commonly on exhibition stands, car showrooms and retail outlets.

Display LED lights offer an equivalent to 300W metal halide lights while only using 30W of power! This ensures that these compact lights are wonderfully energy efficient.

These are perfect for professional event lighting as they are usually hot environments and lighting that produces more heat is not ideal. These lights produce much less heat than other alternatives without compromising the emitted light.

Our lights also feature a silent cooling system so don't make a loud buzzing throughout the day. The lights can be immediately de-rigged without having to wait for the lights to cool down.

They even have a longer life span ensuring that the exhibition lighting can be used for a long period of time without having to be replaced.

Our compact exhibition and display lights are available in silver, white and black to fit the design of the stand. They are small in size as they are just 170mm wide, 95mm in length and 190mm in height. The compact size makes them perfect for any size display stand without compromising on the light quality.

Compact Display Lights
Compact Display Lights
Compact Display Lights

They give the perfect finishing touch by bringing out the natural colours of the graphics to draw attention to the stand. They feature a beautiful cool white that is 6000-6500k and a 45 degree beam angle that will focus the light to features on the exhibition.

They are suitable for indoor lighting as they are rated IP20 which means that they are not-waterproof. The 2 means there is protection against solid objects. For example it is protected against touching. The 0 means that there is no protection against water.

Read more about Colour Temperature and IP ratings using our case study.

They are perfect for achieving LED displays because they are quick and simple to install. Simply mount the light on the desired surface and fix by screwing through the hole on the adjustable mounting bracket.

Effortlessly plug them into a mains power supply using the 3m cable attached to the back of the compact light.

When they day is over, the lights are just as easy to de-rig. Simply unplug them and you can unmount them immediately.

Our lights are the perfect solution for exhibition stand lighting. Grab attention easily in a professional and subtle way with a smart lighting design. They can also be used along side long arm display lights that are perfect for fixing onto the top of exhibition flats.

Display Lights
Display Lights

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