Compact Display Lights

Today we had a company contact us about our Compact display lights. They had attended an exhibition at the NEC and saw them on a stand. These lights are available in White, Black and Silver/Grey and produce a very bright cool white light, they have an adjustable bracket for ease of fixing.

These Compact Display Lights are the LED version of the old halogen or metal halide lights that were used on exhibition stands, car showrooms and retail outlets. 

We sent them a single unit to try. Good luck to Julian, I'm sure you will find them perfect for your exhibition stands where a bright wash of light is required.

These lights are a great alternative to power hungry Halogen or metal halide lights as they are cost effective using only 30w of energy rather than 300w plus!! Also as there are no lamps to change they are almost maintenance free as the LED will last longer.

With very little heat produced the lights can be easily handled with no need to let them cool down before de-rigging.

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