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  1. ProFlex 36V LED Strip - Home Installation

    This modern home installation was designed with a cool white glow outside the front of the house and along the top of the walls indoors. The lighting inside this house was achieved with the use of our professional ProFlex 36V LED Strip that comes on 10-metre reels.
  2. BBC Rio Olympics Studio LED Lighting

    This BBC Studio, designed for the Rio Olympics, used our range of ProFlex professional LED Lighting Strips and DMX Control gear.
  3. NeoLED - Exhibition Display Stands

    These professional, eye-catching Exhibition display stands were brought to life with the help of our NeoLED range of coloured, Single COB LED Strip Lights.
  4. StudioFlex RGBW - Kitchen Ceiling

    Used throughout the edge of the ceiling in this stunning kitchen design was our 10 Mtr, RGB Natural White LED Strip from our range of StudioFlex LED strips, all controlled through Amazon's Alexa with our ZIGBEE control solutions.
  5. NeoLED Warm White - Ceiling Lighting

    Installed on the ceiling of this outdoor car cover was 30 metres of our NeoLED Warm White LED Strip (2850-3150K). The bendable LED Strip was installed around the edges of each ceiling groove, creating a stunning wavy halo effect above the cars.
  6. StudioFlex Daylight White - Home Installation

    Used throughout this home installation area was our 24v, Daylight White LED Strip from our range of StudioFlex LED strips. The LED strip was mounted in two different LED profiles.
  7. ProFlex 36V - Kildare Village Lighting

    Over 500m of LED Strip was used for this installation which created an inviting glow throughout the length of the walkway in Kildare Village.
  8. ProFlex RGBWW Water Feature

    Used on this pool house and water feature was our 24v IP67 RGBWW LED Strip. The pool house and water feature were set up as separate zones using our Sunricher 4 zone RGBW Handset.
  9. StudioFlex Home Feature Wall

    Installed on this media Feature wall was our Colour Temperature adjustable LED Strip. Installed as a single-controlled zone but over 4 separate areas. This was all controlled by our new Mi-Light handheld remote control system.
  10. Sensory Swimming Pool - LED Wall Washers

    Recently installed in this Sensory swimming pool was 4 of our RL124 RF LED Wall Washer Lights from the brand new Mi-Light MiBoxer Range of LED Products. As they have a narrow 15 x 60 degree beam angle they were used to form a wash of light down the tiled wall.

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