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BESPOKE LED Strip Lights

Led Technologies offer a bespoke LED Strip light and Neonflex production service.

We can specify a custom length, custom length wire tails (to one end or both ends of the product), Specific IP and CRI ratings, your choice of colour and colour temperature at a voltage and wattage to suit your needs.

Many other companies will purchase large rolls of product and cut / solder in house by hand. We find that this is an inefficient way to guarantee quality and consistency.

LED Technologies manufacture the bespoke lengths of product at the point of manufacture.

This means that the production is carried out by a fully automated process and removes any risk of human error such as poor soldering, humidity or handling and guarantees a perfect colour match and consistency throughout the batch and future batches if required.

Call today to place your order: 01260 540014

With Bespoke Factory Production you get:
1) Fully Automated SMD assembly and soldering.
2) Temperature and humidity factory controlled- all strip lights are made in a static free “clean room”.
3) Factory assembled means exact BIN selection so no variation in colours.
4) Disadvantage with factory production, 14 days lead usually time required. But worth the wait in our opinion!
5) Bespoke factory production can also offer small batch runs, just ask.
6) Fully automatically sealed static resistant packing with your production ref clearly printed on as requested.
7) Guaranteed IP rating.
8) Manufactured purely to your exacting specifications, not end of line runs.
9) Slower production times but we assure factory production quality.
Whereas with Hand cut lengths you get:
1) Risk of Poor-quality soldering.
2) High risk of Humidity during assembly and are likely to be produced on a bench adhoc with excessive handling that can damage the LED stents.
3) Colour temperature variations from using different stock rolls of tape.
4) A fast service.
5) No issues with small quantity orders.
6) Poor packing and handling.
7) Questionable IP ratings.
8) Cut offs from existing rolls of stock items.
9) Lower price and fast delivery.
Fully automated production - Static free clean room - Any Size Orders - Colour matching

We can offer our bespoke service from any of our range of LED Strip or NeonFlex products for any special requirements or design you may have.

We can also match existing and specifications from a previous supplier.

We have access to thousands of options so please call us for a quotation today: 01260 540014